20 Lessons to note when creating games for brands

Xbox: launching its biggest marketing campaign so far for Halo 4Hello people. This is my first blog post. There are many like it, but this one is mine. I’ve decided to make my posts get straight to the point. 20 points to be exact. So, each time I’m going to give you the 20 lessons I have learnt, relating to a particular topic. Simple.

To kick it off, I thought I’d share with you the lessons I’ve learnt in creating games for brands. The engagement level of games is one of the most coveted elements a brand could seek to capture. However, brand integration in the gaming space has a history of great successes and spectacular failures. I’ve been working with the likes of PlayStation, XBox as well as many film companies such as Sony Pictures International, Paramount, Lionsgate – to name a few – over the years, and it’s about time I shared what I’ve learnt.

20 lessons to bear in mind when creating games for brands

1. Don’t create one unless it’s relevant to your brand

2. What are your audience getting out it? Fun? Rewards? Kudos? All three? All three.

3. Is it sticky? Will people want to come back and play again and again?

4. Make sure you map it out on paper first.

5. Don’t copy games that are out there; improve upon them, yes.

6. Everything can be turned into a game. Think about LinkedIn

7. Characters are tricky little things

8. Bad ui kills a game, no matter how good the gameplay is

9. Tell a story from the start

10. Hold the hand of the player, but don’t drag them along

11. Play every game under the sun

12. Reward them. Even if they die a horrible death

13. Give them a clear goal

14. 2D games are still cool

15. Surprise them half way through with something new

16. Pick a game genre and stick to it

17. Let them share their achievements

18. Always create leader-boards

19. Think cross platform for more reach

20.Towerdefence games are awesome

‘Game over.’

Rich Coggin is Creative Director, ais London.