Daily Archives: 7 December, 2012

Google exec was told to stop Tweeting

According to The Next Web, a senior Google executive was told to stop Tweeting by his boss, CEO Larry Page. This is may or may not seem a bit odd, given at the time the executive in question was responsible for social media at Google at the time.

Vic Gundotra was told to stop Tweeting after a controversial posting from him spread across the internet. He is now Senior Vice President of Engineering. Read More »

Meaningful human insights: Ask a machine?

Is it becoming harder to find powerful insights to inspire persuasive, innovative ideas?

It’s a highly subjective question which, no doubt, would generate a number of insightful answers in itself.

But, even though there are dozens – hundreds, thousands even – of different ways of arriving at consumer insights to hang a creative thought on; everything from focus groups and research panels, to good old brainstorm-fuelled serendipitous gut instinct, it’s always the same thing we’re after. And, generally speaking, we know it when we see it…

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Forget a social strategy – it’s what a brand has to say that really matters

Forget a social strategy - it's what a brand has to say that really mattersIf 2012 has been about shaping and developing a social-media strategy, then 2013 will be about throwing that out of the window and starting again. Why? Simple. The very term social media has become a stumbling block. It gets in the way of the real question of what it is that brands are trying to achieve. Partly this has happened because social media means different things to different people – and it means multiple things to brands.

Part of the problem is clearly illustrated by the split personality that social media can have as far as brands are concerned. Read More »

LeWeb in 2012 has been dominated by devices and operating systems

Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO at LeWeb 2012 in Paris. LeWeb is now so big that it’s as much about the global tech industry and the big names we all know as it is about what’s happening in France or even the rest of Europe. It has been and still is an agenda-setting event.

So on the day that Instagram pulled its integration with Twitter, Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram, told LeWeb that the two companies would still work together in some way, Nokia launched a new Lumia 620 (and scored for the best-looking stand of the day), a budget phone for consumers who want Windows 8, and we heard about the importance of connecting services such as Shazam, Deezer and Endomondo to a larger platform (for which read global social media powerhouse Facebook). Read More »

Welcome to our new digital awards: The Rev Awards

Brand Republic is relaunching the Revolution Awards as an awards scheme covering the Brand Republic, Campaign, Marketing, Media Week , PR Week and The Wall brands. The Rev Awards will celebrate creativity, effectiveness and innovation shown in digital marketing. Read More »