Twitter and blogs tool ThingLink boosts advertiser engagement by more than 100%

Rihanna An Interactive ImageWith so much digital noise out their advertisers and content producers are desperately seeking ways to cut through and get noticed. ThingLink have created a new tool that helps build dynamic image content for Twitter and blogs. It allows users to embed a variety of content into one image. You can see from the image of Rhianna alongside and another really good example below, from heavy metal band Ill Ninio, the wealth of content and engagement opportunities that ThingLink adds and enriches images with.

A variety of links have been included into the band images, taking views to videos of the band’s music, lyrics, and their Facebook and Twitter pages.

ThingLink is very easy to use for anyone mildly tech savvy. You upload an image, and then click on it within a wizard that guides you to copy and past links from other content. Sign up is remarkably simple through either email, Facebook or Twitter – you really can start creating an image in 30 seconds. Sharing is also easy. The images create in ThingLink are both embeddable, and shareable via the website into social streams.

The ThingLink service is free for brands and individuals, but their are also professional packages, paid by CPM, which allow greater customisation. Free users also get sent an email giving some analytics data on your images once a week. If you want more analytics you need to sign up to the pro package, which is a shame for users who want to test it, but fair enough from ThingLink’s point of view.

It doesn’t just look good either. ThingLink chief marketing officer Neil Vineberg told Venturebeat that it increases brand engagement by a staggering amount:

“We’ve seen click-through rates of over a 100% within a photo.” 

While people do engage with basic images, these dynamic HTML5 images are clearly more enticing to potential users. Vineberg comments:

“When you add interactivity to the image, it’s like adding steroids to the engagement.”

The service currently doesn’t work in Facebook. Vineberg says that “We’d love it if Facebook would make Timeline compatible with ThingLink,” and that  “it’d be a real positive for Facebook too.” This though raises the question once again of whether Facebook is still a good platform for advertisers. The wall around its garden  might just be becoming so high that innovative products like this can’t climb over and get in.

ThingLink is an easy to use service, that boosts engagement. It should become a key part of any digital advertisers arsenal.

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