All those things that annoy us about Instagram in one funny video

I’m a huge fan of Instagram, but once you start to use it a bit you notice things about it. Certain types of picture that crop up more than others. You know what I’m talking about. It’s those endless filtered images of coffee cups, street signs and city skylines, sunsets and drifting cloudscapes, and, of course, pictures of cats. Lots of them.

Food as well. Let’s not forget Instagramers lover taking food snaps, which was proved in part by Thanksgiving 2012 was Instagram’s biggest ever day.

Knowing all that there is plenty to love on Instagram and the role it plays in social media as we saw with Superstorm Sandy, which gave Instagram its big citizen-journalism moment.

This CollegeHumor parody video, however, is very funny as it makes fun of those things on  Instagram that annoy some of us.

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