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The Very Personal Future of Social Content

Google glass: is the Personal Future of Social Content bi-focal?Jules Verne, arguably the patriarch of the science fiction genre, dared to dream of a very different future for us all, and countless writers and movie makers have been influenced by his work, and the rest of us in turn by theirs. This is undoubtedly why a future of man and machine in perfect harmony is something that today we simply accept and expect.

But, due to our insatiable desire for immediate access to information in the form of our choice wherever we might be and the geometric advances in technology in recent years, is this vision of the future really that far off? Some who work in the development of new socially-orientated technologies are likely to suggest that it has already arrived. Read More »

All those things that annoy us about Instagram in one funny video

I’m a huge fan of Instagram, but once you start to use it a bit you notice things about it. Certain types of picture that crop up more than others. You know what I’m talking about. It’s those endless filtered images of coffee cups, street signs and city skylines, sunsets and drifting cloudscapes, and, of course, pictures of cats. Lots of them.

Food as well. Let’s not forget Instagramers lover taking food snaps, which was proved in part by Thanksgiving 2012 was Instagram’s biggest ever day. Read More »

2013 search strategies – Five thing that will shape the industry

2012 was an interesting year for the digital marketing industry with the continued rise of Facebook despite a shakey IPO and a concerted, but perhaps doomed fightback from Microsoft’s Bing. And let’s not forget the interesting new platform of Google+, who celebrated its first birthday in June this year. It may not have caught the public’s attention but certainly promises to be very influential in the future of search.

The continued impact of Google’s Penguin and Panda has certainly re-shaped the search and SEO industry. Brands of all shapes and sizes have had to learn how to adapt to more ‘white-hat’ tactics to ensure they won’t be penalised by Google’s algorithm updates which targets webspam.  Read More »

The value of Twitter followers: You can’t put a price on them

The value of Twitter followers: You can't put a price on them The debate about how much Twitter followers are worth to organisations continues to be a hot one. Last year mobile reviews website PhoneDog tried to put a price on Twitter followers of $2.50 as it sued a former reporter, Noah Kravitz, for leaving and talking his followers with him.

The two have now settled out of court closing a case that has rumbled on for a year. Terms of the deal between Kravitz and his former employer PhoneDog were not disclosed, but the key point is that @noahkravitz will keep control of his followers. That’s another win for the employee and I think another really strong indication of who owns the followers. Read More »

Lost in Translation: Marketers lose trillions in sales due to website translation

Lost in Translation: Marketers lose trillions in sales due to website translation A $30 trillion internet sales black hole is being lost in translation because marketers in the United Kingdom are not localising their websites for different countries. In the past two years the economic potential of making money online has grown from $36.5 to $44.6 trillion.

However, just one third of that figure is available if websites are only available in English. And that figure is even less with websites solely in languages not as widely used as English – for example Portuguese, Russian or Japanese. This leaves $30 trillion in potential untapped sales which businesses across the United Kingdom could be cashing in on.

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