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A quick guide to Social Media around the world

Social Media of the WorldAs every digital marketer knows, there’s a lot more to social media strategy than Facebook and Twitter… especially if you’re going global. Cultural differences throughout the world have created different social media consumption preferences based on local nuances. Traditional marketing incorporates awareness of cultural sensitivity when dealing with different audiences and it’s naive to think the social sphere is any different.

China is well known for having unique channels in the form of Sina-Weibo, RenRen and Qzone and brands targeting the Chinese market will (hopefully) already have these covered. But China is not the only country with its individual social media quirks: Read More »

SMS at 20: How the role of SMS has changed in two decades

SMS at 20: Texting has become a way of life, particularly for children and teenagersThe humble text message, alien to generations before mine but something that has forever changed our primary means of communicating with people in our mobile phone contacts, reaches 20 years old today.  Most of the column inches dedicated to its anniversary will touch on the decline of SMS and the uprising of smarter, richer platforms like BBM, WhatsApp, iMessage & Facebook Messenger – but had text messaging not fundamentally changed our mobile behaviour, none of these new technologies would have ever existed.  Read More »

The Times tempts digital subscribers with a Nexus 7 for £50

The Times is attempting to win new digital subscribers with an offer to pick up a 32GB Google Nexus 7 tablet for just £50 as part of an 18 month subscription deal. Under the digital deal the cost of The Times and The Sunday Times would be £4 a week. Read More »

Social media at work – managing the risks for employers

The escalation in the use of social media has seen businesses seizing the unprecedented opportunity to market their brands directly into the homes of billions of potential consumers and interact instantaneously with customers.  There are undoubted commercial benefits of using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Indeed, any organisation failing to take advantage of social media to advertise, network and raise brand profile will not only miss out on a vast source of business, but risks appearing out of touch and behind the times. Read More »

Singapore leads the world on mobile take up

Singapore is a great place to be if you want to know the future of mobile commerce and marketing. A new survey commissioned by the Mobile Marketing Association of Singapore found some incredible stats on Singaporeans and mobiles:

-       7.8million mobile phones in Singapore – 150% penetration!

-       90% of Singapore owns a smartphone

-       43% chose mobile over friends

-       39% chose mobile over pc/laptop

-       60% multitask on mobile while watching TV

-       84% check mobile when they wake up in the middle of the night

Even though some of these stats are actually disturbing, they mean that brands in Singapore (whether multi national brands or SME’s) need to have a mobile marketing application campaign and business strategy. Those that do will reap the rewards.

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