Bell Pottinger launches digital content agency with editorial focus

James Henderson, CEO of Bell Pottinger Private on launch of Bell Pottinger Wired.If you wanted more proof that the conversation in 2013 will be more about content and less about social then this it.  PR group Bell Pottinger Private, formerly part of Chime Communications, has launched a a specialist digital content agency called Bell Pottinger Wired.

Expect to see much more of this in the coming year as brands focus on developing their content strategies and agencies respond. Bell Pottinger Wired pulls together separate content and digital teams from within the group to focus on delivering digital content-led campaigns both for the group’s existing and new clients.

Bell Pottinger Wired is being led jointly by Claire Southeard and James Thomlinson and starts life as a 20-strong agency offering six distinct in-house services: design, production, development, search, social and multimedia relations.

According to James Henderson, CEO of Bell Pottinger Private the launch highlights its belief that significant growth can be achieved by putting creative services alongside traditional PR consultancy services.

He says it picks up on the increasingly blurring boundaries between owned, earned and paid media.

“We’re setting ourselves apart from other agencies and providing clients with the attractive prospect of being able to plan and deliver full-service communications campaigns all under one roof,” Henderson said.

As brands increasingly look to develop content strategies, with digital and social media the platforms for distribution, Bell Pottinger Wired smartly says it is working on the premise that the best campaigns are delivered with editorial appeal in mind.

Thomlinson points out that as the word digital means many things to different people and that Bell Pottinger Wired is simply about stripping-back what the client is trying to achieve and finding the best ideas and channels to make that happen — with content at its heart.

“Today, brands and consumers are demanding high-quality content, delivered right to their fingertips, and in our experience the best way to achieve this is by planning, creating and delivering this all under one roof,” Thomlinson said.

The agency says its growth plans include launching a series of digital PR products, that have been developed in-house, and supporting these with increasing client demand for its multimedia PR services.

It adds that further, imminent expansion of the agency’s studio, production and social teams is expected in the next six months.