A baby called Hashtag. Mother names newborn baby ‘Hashtag’

#Hashtag I'm asleepLast year during the Arab Spring we had the Egyptian man who named his newborn daughter “Facebook” and now it is being reported that a mother has called her newborn baby Hashtag — proving if nothing else that this has really been Twitter’s year.

Ironically the news came via a Facebook post where the parents, as many now do, have apparently set up an account for their newborn baby whose full name is “Hashtag Jameson”.

The post on Facebook, there is just one at present, reads: “”Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last night. She weys 8pounds and i luv her so much!!!!!!”

Yes some people really do write like that. The page went viral after a Tweet from @AwkwardMsgs , which posts amusing funny Facebook posts and Tweets.

That said it is not clear if the Facebook page or the baby is real and there is a touch of suspicion here and there that it is a joke or worse — a viral marketing campaign. If that’s the case they clearly spent a lot of time working on their mix of text speak and carefully chosen spelling mistakes.

Still considering baby Facebook’s arrival at the height of the Arab Spring a baby called Hashtag isn’t really that much of a stretch.

Oh and let’s not forget the couple in Israel who named their baby girl ”Like’ after being inspired by Facebook. They apparently rejected alternatives such as Noa, Maya and Tamar, which are the most popular for girls in Israel.

If you’re giving me a choice, I’m going with Hashtag. It sounds a lot cooler than being called Facebook, Like or, I don’t know, John. Hashtag sounds like someone destined to be a skater or in a band.

Like a A Streetcar Named Desire, you can I think get away with a baby called Hashtag — even if it does sound a lot more like a boy’s name than a girl’s.

If it is true it is another reflection on the impact that social media has on our lives. It can only be a matter of time before someone names their child Twitter or Tumblr.

Main image Bigstockphoto.com.