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A Twitter infographic: Learn to Tweet smarter, not harder [infographic]

If there was ever an infographic that could be stuck on the wall (of this Wall) in the office this is it. It is a reminder than when it comes to Twitter what matters most is how you use it rather than the fact that you use it all. Twitter has proved a let down for many brands. Not because it is a poor platform, it isn’t. But because it is not being used well. So take a minute and look over the tips here and remember three key tenets for using the microblogging platform: engage, provide value and be fresh. It is short, but some of what it talks about is invaluable to any brand using Twitter.

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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo on how it reinvented the ‘Agora’: the Digital Town hall

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at the University of Michigan, November 2012Interesting speech here by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, speaking recently at the University of Michigan, where he makes his case about how Twitter unlike previous generations of technology (okay Google) hasn’t been the same disintermediating or disruptive force on traditional media, but rather one that has worked in the opposite way. Not a force pushing apart, but one that brings together.

While many publishers see the likes of Google News trying to take them out of the equation, by taking all the eyesballs while producing none of the content, Costolo in his speech crystalises why Twitter is different.

Twitter rather than being about disruption is about the kind of coalescence we saw hundreds, if not thousands, of years before in ancient town squares or more precisely, as Costolo puts it, the Greek Agora. It’s that which in a digital sense he says Twitter has helped reinvent.  Read More »

Now is not the time for agencies to race into SEO sabotage

Google’s Webmaster Tools are currently experiencing quite a serious security issue.

The flaw was identified by Dave Naylor and seems to allow agencies or freelancers who were previously approved to access brands’ Webmaster Consoles to re-approve themselves and take action.

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A baby called Hashtag. Mother names newborn baby ‘Hashtag’

#Hashtag I'm asleepLast year during the Arab Spring we had the Egyptian man who named his newborn daughter “Facebook” and now it is being reported that a mother has called her newborn baby Hashtag – proving if nothing else that this has really been Twitter’s year.

Ironically the news came via a Facebook post where the parents, as many now do, have apparently set up an account for their newborn baby whose full name is “Hashtag Jameson”. Read More »

Can social media be used to predict the X Factor Winner?

The X factor 2012 final to be aired across a pair of two-hour shows on 8-9 December.At Brandwatch we’ve decided to turn our hand to a little online palm reading. With three weeks to go before the X Factor final, we wanted to see if we could predict the final results. Even if you’re not hooked on James Arthur, read on; you might just get some ideas for how to use a social media to benchmark and predict your brand’s success.

Last week we ran some analysis on the online buzz of the five quarter finalists, and then sat back to see if our predictions came true. Some background for those of you who didn’t catch the results show this weekend: Rylan Clark and Union J were in the bottom two after receiving the fewest public votes, and Rylan was then voted off the show by the judges. Read More »