Twitter says g’day to Australia

Twitter are beginning to move significantly into AustraliaTwitter looks to be expanding into Australia, as it begins meetings with key bloggers, celebrities, and high profile sports men and women in Sydney and Melbourne. Some news sources believe that the office in Australia could be opened in time for Christmas next year.

This meetings will be held by Mike Brown, who is head of international development for Twitter, and will also feature Omid Ashtari, the head of Twitter’s sports and entertainment team and Jenna Mannos, from the same team, via video link.

The big presentation will take place at a ‘secret’ $59 a head breakfast, which the press are not allowed to report on An email seen by SmartCompany explains that:

“The Twitter team will be in Australia for this invite-only event sharing valuable Twitter insights and case studies. Mike [Brown] will demonstrate where Twitter is right now, where it is headed and insights into the Australia Twitter scene.”

Just recently Twitter started an official @TwitterAU account which they are using to verify Aussie sports stars and celebrities.

Indeed, Twitter seem very keen to build ‘brand Twitter Australia’:

None of this really should come as a surprise. Australia is a significant territory for Twitter, as it generates about 1.4 million Tweets everyday. It’s not in the realms of the US yet, but it’s an enormous, English speaking country, with a significant sports and entertainment market that would be well suited to Twitter.

While Twitter have so far declined to confirm whether they are opening an Australian office, it seems likely that they will follow the model they used in South Korea. Here, the company set up an office to work with local media and celebrities, and well as deal with Governmental issues.

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    That is the ugliest “Aussie” tshirt/logo ever, considering our PM once wore this after beating the US in the America’s Cup.

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    #Twiiter, #please #first #start #teaching #Aussies #how #to #use #hashtags #properly, #they #seriously #need #to #understand #how #it #works #.