Facebook urges its staff to move to Android to improve the mobile app

Facebook is running a campaign to get staff to use Android phones.Over the last few months we have been closely monitoring Facebook’s determined efforts to improve its standing in the mobile space here on The Wall. The company are desperately trying to monetise mobile ads, and find other ways to bring in revenue via people’s phones. For example they are building relationships with mobile carriers around billing.

Such moves have been continuing at the company’s Menlo Park, California, HQ itself, with staff being urged to switch to move to Android devices so that they can improve the Facebook app on that platform.

Facebook management are currently running a campaign to get staff to move to the first growing mobile platform, run by rival Google. The campus is currently featuring a series of posters encouraging Droidfooding – testing Facebook’s own Android app:

Facebook is encouraging 'Droidfooding' so staff test the Android app.

According to TechCrunch:

“The company tries to make it as easy as possible to test the next generation of its Android apps… Facebook forcibly updates employees to the most recent beta version of apps like Facebook For Android and Facebook Messenger.”

Additionally on internal betas Facebook has a feature called ‘Rage Shake’. If staffers encounter a bug while using the app they can violently shake their phone and the current state of the phone is sent to mobile developers who remove bugs.

Facebook  told Techcrunch:

“There’s plenty of people here carrying around both devices, and not just engineers and not just mobile people.”

While it is intriguing to watch Facebook send customers too, and acknowledge the power of, a company they do battle with on other products is intriguing. However, it can only be good news for the vast numbers of people using the Android platform, and who want an app that works in a slick manner. The iOS app  has long been ahead of those on the Android and Blackberry platforms, and Facebook cannot afford to fall behind on Android as the devices running the operating system grow in popularity.

This is also good news for people trying to build communities and advertise on Facebook. If the mobile apps on all systems become more developed and user friendly it seems likely that the level of engagement between brands and users will grow and improve. Better consistency of apps will also make it easier to design campaigns that will look good across the board.

Better ads platforms are just as important to brands who want to advertise on the Facebook as they are to the company itself.