Daily Archives: 26 November, 2012

Twitter says g’day to Australia

Twitter are beginning to move significantly into AustraliaTwitter looks to be expanding into Australia, as it begins meetings with key bloggers, celebrities, and high profile sports men and women in Sydney and Melbourne. Some news sources believe that the office in Australia could be opened in time for Christmas next year.

This meetings will be held by Mike Brown, who is head of international development for Twitter, and will also feature Omid Ashtari, the head of Twitter’s sports and entertainment team and Jenna Mannos, from the same team, via video link.

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Thanksgiving 2012 was Instagram’s biggest ever day

Instragram had its best ever day on Thanksgiving 2012It is often said by social media detractors that people only use social networks to share what they are eating. That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to Thanksgiving and Instagram.

Towards the end of last week Instagram announced that Thanksgiving was the photo sharing apps biggest ever day. In a blogpost they said that over 10 million postings relating to Thanksgiving were posted last Thursday.

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Viggle acquires social network GetGlue as second screen advertising continues to grow

Last week I looked at how the phenomenon of the second screen in television advertising was developing, in relation to Ricky Hatton’s (unsuccessful) return to the boxing ring. In that case the team their had a social media campaign launched around a one-off piece of event television. However, the same techniques are being increasingly used around more general television viewing.

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Facebook urges its staff to move to Android to improve the mobile app

Facebook is running a campaign to get staff to use Android phones.Over the last few months we have been closely monitoring Facebook’s determined efforts to improve its standing in the mobile space here on The Wall. The company are desperately trying to monetise mobile ads, and find other ways to bring in revenue via people’s phones. For example they are building relationships with mobile carriers around billing.

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