PeerReach looks to add some clout to social data

PeerReach seek to improve monitoring social media standingsJournalists, businesses, sports stars, musicians are all competing for social media influence. All that’s before the rest of us try and add our expertise. This all adds to a lot of noise on social media, and it can be hard to know initially who to take seriously.

Various services like PeerIndex and Klout seek to try and help users cut through the crowd and highlight authoritative figures online. They now have a new service to compete with called PeerReach that was founded in September 2011 by Zlatan Menkovic and Nico Schoonderwoerd  and already has a database of 50 million accounts.

The company say that  “PeerReach helps you join the right conversations with the right people.”

It uses an algorithm that analyses a user’s connections and interactions to catalogue your interests, expertise. As a result of this you can generate lists to find who is most relevant for you online: by clicking on a certain subject you get a list of people to follow. Although there is a helpful intro slide this bit is not totally obvious, and initially looks like it is just a ranking of your influence.

When I first started testing out PeerReach I had to do a quick refresh to make sure the data going in form my Twitter account was up to date as possible (initially it was missing about 200 followers of mine,) but when that was done I really like the front page. It feels a lot less gimmicky than Klout, as it doesn’t really have the gamification elements. Instead there is a graph showing a users sphere of influence:

PeerReach show a users influence in different areas

Additionally, you can click on a certain subject area and see how influential your followers are:

PeerReach shows your influential followers

Of course there are also graphs showing interest areas and a summary of your influence right at the top. Although I’ve mentioned some reservations above, generally the layout is simple and  the service easy to use. At the moment PeerReach only analyses Twitter accounts, and the service will be greatly boosted when it is update to include Facebook and Google+.

People will not doubt make comparisons with Klout and PeerIndex, but PeerReach makes no bones about being a direct competitor. Indeed, co-founder  Zlatan Menkovic has already laid out how he believes his product differentiates itself from its from more established rival:

“Our main revenue will be generated in the B2B market and for this to succeed, the quality of our data is crucial. In benchmark tests, we scored 20% higher than Klout and 45% higher than PeerIndex” 

While I never want to take social influence rankings too seriously, PeerReach is doing a good job of showing this data is a serious and helpful manner.