How branded content is evolving [infographic]

With branded content being a constant topic of conversation in 2012, certainly as far as the last six months were concerned, this is a timely infographic from the Content Marketing Association. It takes a look at how branded content has and is evolving.  In a year, it is estimated that a consumer has over 379,000 brand experiences; in fact on a typical journey to work the average person can expect to interact with 170 brands with all of them competing fiercely for one thing: consumer attention.

This, when taken in conjunction with media fragmentation, which is growing exponentially, means that consumer attention is an increasingly scarce resource. It means tradeoffs are made both at a conscious and subconscious level whether it is the decision to use Google or Bing, to fly BA or Virgin, or to read The Times or The Telegraph. Trade off decisions become a function of brand affiliation and the cycle turns full circle as brand affiliation is a function of the amount of engagement (attention) a brand can generate.

Because of that content is consequently becoming the conduit through which organisations can earn their customers’, whether B2C or B2B, attention. Content becomes the brands’ side of the value exchange – providing customers with interesting and relevant information in return for their time.

Five Key Brand Content Statistics

1. Content marketing is now demanding significant amounts of consumer attention, rivalling traditional paid for media, especially through digital channels

2. A quarter of all time spent consuming media is spent with branded content

3. 41.2 million users engage with digital branded content

4. 74% of UK adults visit branded content websites regularly

5. 27% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a website if it offers branded content.

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