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Facebook propose changes to its feedback system, and starts sharing Instragram data

Facebook is proposing changes to its privacy settingsFacebook is facing a backlash from users , after the removed some of their more democratic decision making processes.  Since 2009 users have been able to reverse some of the changes made to the social network by commenting on it voting against it.

If 7,000 people commented on a certain change that would prompt a vote, and if 30% of Facebook users voted against a change, it would be reversed.

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The power of building into existing networks – as shown by Lucozade Powerleague, Dog Digital and Topshop

Lucozade Powerleague is the country’s leading provider of 5 a-side football pitches. They are already well set up on social media, with thousands of people ‘Liking’ the pages of their 44 sites.

Working  in conjunction with creative agency Dog Digital the brand have decided to capitalise on this further, by building an Facebook application that allows players to organise their team, schedule matches and perform other functions within Facebook. Read More »

Did Hurricane Sandy outage show Tumblr is the future of publishing?

Gawker created a Tumblr site during Hurricane SandyWhen hurricane Sandy flooded an ISP server basement with five feet of water, it brought down Gawker Media, BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post. The sites couldn’t just wait for everything to come back online, so they built Tumblr backup sites instead:



“While BuzzFeed was able to salvage and reconstruct its site in a matter of hours, Tumblr played host to Gawker Media’s arsenal of popular sites like Gawker, Deadspin and Gizmodo for nearly a week.


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The future of TV: On-demand versus on-content

Lord Sugar imagines a future of infinite TV channelsLast month, Lord Sugar spoke candidly about his vision for the future of the TV industry at an exclusive event in London organised by ISBA. During his speech Sugar said that the “bare bones of a revolution in TV” had been formed and how he could imagine a future in which consumers had access to “infinite” channels and providers could set up their own channels for as little as £50,000.

Technology now plays such a powerful role in helping advertisers to reach their target audiences through means other than the traditional television set – in particular, web TV or content broadcast online is fast becoming a mainstream way in which we consume our media.  Read More »

The growth of social networks [infographic]

Growth of social networks over the last decadeFor many, using the Internet means being on a social network, and with the rise of web connected smartphones we have never been more able to share our daily goings on. Accordingly ,the growth in social network users has been substantial over the last decade.

It goes without saying that Facebook and Twitter are the big hitters with one billion and 500 million users respectivley, but research produced by the Silverpop agency shows that it is important for social networks to have a steady growth in the first six years of their lifespan to maintain their relevance, and growth in the first three years is absolutely critical. LinkedIn  for example is the only social network with 100m users never to have tripled its size year-on-year, but they were still able  to achieve growth in the pivotal third and fourth year, making them one of the top six social networks.

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The true DNA of sports fan-ship

If you ask a sports fan what they love most about being a fan their answers may surprise you. You would expect an Arsenal supporter to say the only thing that matters is Arsenal, whether they can ever replace Van Persie and if they will finish fourth this season. Ask a TwentyTwenty cricket fan leaving the Oval and you’d expect an answer that was primarily about… well, cricket.

But when we conducted a survey a few months ago, talking to 100 sports fans ranging from Gooners pouring out of The Emirates to tourists in town for The Olympics, their responses threw light on what really motivates people to become – and stay – a sports fan.

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