Nicki Minaj uses Twitter and YouTube fans to promote perfume and awards success

Nicki Minaj promotes new perfume on YouTube and TwitterRapper Nicki Minaj has always been fantastic at engaging her fans on various forms of social media, notably Twitter, where she is followed by legions of devoted Barbz. Minaj has nearly 15 million followers on Twitter, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that when she wanted to launch her new product, a perfume called “Pink Friday,” she went straight to the front page of YouTube  with the advert, before the television:


— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) November 16, 2012

The advert itself is suitably ludicrous, with “Minaj turning into the “the bride of C3PO,” and makes perfect viral video fodder:

It has of course shot around the Internet, racking up 277, 528 views and 2,889 ‘Likes’ at the time of writing.  The video demonstrates some brilliant cross platform marketing as well, as the song playing behind the video is Minaj’s latest single, and the perfume is named after her album.

Perhaps surprisingly, Nicki Minaj chose to start a new YouTube channel for this venture, instead of using her official one which already has 236,530 subscribers and 42,274,108 video views.

Last night Minaj joined fellow YouTube sensation Justin Bieber in winning two American Music Awards.  Fans voted for these awards, demonstrating just what a loyal fan base artists can attract by engaging online, and what those artists can get back in sales, awards, and more. Appropriately, she spent most of the rest of the evening retweeting fans sending her message of support! She doesn’t use Twitter just to broadcast what she is doing, instead she allows fans to have a two-way dialogue with her, which is very natural (and occasionally rather raucous and expletive ridden!) Nicki Minaj also posts behind the scenes footage on the previously mentioned YouTube account.

All this comes after a previous temper tantrum, in which Nicki Minaj quit Twitter, briefly losing her following. She has now more than built that up again though, surpassing by a few thousand the 11 million fans she hung up on in April.