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Twitter etiquette and the case of Lord Mcalpine

The case of Lord McAlpine raises issues of Twitter etiquetteThe case of wrongful accusations against Conservative peer Lord McAlpine flying around the Internet has shone a whole new light on the issue of digital etiquette. Until recently, it seemed that people still thought that things they said online were hidden away, untouched by the law.

Twitter may have busted Ryan Giggs’ Super Injunction, but it isn’t the Wild West. While the infamous Twitter Joke Trial showed the law being applied to Twitter in the absolutely worst way, if it were to become completely untouchable it would lose its usefulness as a news and information resource.

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Nicki Minaj uses Twitter and YouTube fans to promote perfume and awards success

Nicki Minaj promotes new perfume on YouTube and TwitterRapper Nicki Minaj has always been fantastic at engaging her fans on various forms of social media, notably Twitter, where she is followed by legions of devoted Barbz. Minaj has nearly 15 million followers on Twitter, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that when she wanted to launch her new product, a perfume called “Pink Friday,” she went straight to the front page of YouTube  with the advert, before the television:


— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) November 16, 2012

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Facebook looks to boost revenue with alliances with Yahoo and European carriers

Facebook turn on mobile paymentsAfter a tough introduction to life as a public company, Facebook is determinedly looking at ways to boost revenue, particularly in the critical mobile space. Having turned on carrier billing in the UK, US and Germany, they have today put the service live in France.

This means that users can now purchase items within the HTML5 environment such as virtual gifts and game credits, and have the cost added directly to their mobile phone bill. Instead, of having to go through premium rate SMS or credit cards services, purchases can be made in just two clicks.

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HTML5 vs apps: Brands and mobile

Whilst the consumer market embraces the smartphone and mobile web it seems that demand and uptake levels have overtaken most industries ability to deliver mobile information effectively.

Foresee’s mCommerce report shows that many large web retailers mobile experience is still lacking when compared to their online capabilities. Even more damning is the IABs multi-screen marketer’s report; that lists customer dissatisfaction with mobile sites and apps at over 70%. This is bad news for businesses – 57% of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site and 40% will move to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

That’s a lot of numbers, but the key point to take away from it is that having a site that simply works on mobile devices just won’t cut it anymore. Consumers want something that delivers the right information for that platform. Read more on HTML5 vs apps: Brands and mobile…

Do you want to live forever? Well now you can… in the digital afterlife

Do you want to live forever? Well now you can... in the digital afterlifeThe effect of the digital space, on our perception of death and our own mortality has been profound. The line between life and death has been become blurred, more than ever before. From time immemorial, men and women have sought incessantly but unsuccessfully, to extend their lives beyond their brief allotted time on our mortal coil. Many of us are compelled to act in certain ways or create memorable things, in order that we will be remembered.

Many of us will have children – a major driving force of this being the compulsion to create something that will last, after we have gone. But in the digital world it has become easier for more people, to have an after life presence – sometimes this is created deliberately but it also sometimes happens by accident.

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