Why Apple is dominating the tech war in the classroom [infographic]

A student taking time away from class with her laptopA look here at how Apple is winning not only on the high street, in the creative world, but also in the classroom. A new market that barely existed a decade ago. Now it is a huge market as tablet computers and smartphones change the perception of education.

Teachers and lecturers are finding innovative ways to supplement their classes with the latest technology and students are beginning to see these devices as essential parts of their education experience.

Images now of students sitting in the refectory or cafe with laptops and tablets in hand are commonplace. No one goes to university of college anymore without a laptop or some other portable device.

Why Apple is dominating the tech war in the classroom [infographic]

An Infographic by Open Colleges

Main image Bigstockphoto.com.

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    The emergence of the iPod and its rapid adoption gave Apple the keys to explosive growth. From the iPod to the iTouch, iPhone and now the iPad, the think tank at Apple has found a way to make their products more than electronic gizmos designed for everyday use.