R/GA and AKQA top table of most social of the digital agencies

Social media consultancy Sociagility has taken a look at the UK’s Top 25 digital agencies and asked the question which of them is the most social? Its Social Performance Index is the result and it compares them all to see which ones are actually using social media best to engage and interact. The thinking being that if agencies don’t use it themselves how can they sell it to clients.

Interpublic Group’s R/GA scored 455 on Sociagility’s Social Performance Index against an average of 100. The agency also commanded the highest awareness and engagement levels, whilst WPP Group’s recent acquisition AKQA took second place with the highest levels of popularity, interaction and ‘trust’.

Further down the table Essence, VCCP and G2 Joshua all demonstrate good  “engagement potential”.

According to Sociagility at the bottom of the ranking a number of agencies have some way to go if they are to match the leaders — especially when only two-thirds appear to be using all of the main social media channels with fewer still providing visible links from their home pages.

Overall just six of the 25 agencies recorded a score above the average, with overall leaders R/GA and AKQA outperforming the rest of the group by a considerable margin. Other leaders included SapientNitro, iProspect and TBG Digital (see the full table below).

Sociagility co-founder Niall Cook said: “Our study shows that even the leading digital agencies can’t always deliver social media success for themselves. Surely this is essential when advising some of the world’s biggest brands?”

The Social Performance Index assesses owned social media (website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube), providing a KPI for measuring the competitive effectiveness of businesses at driving brand awareness and engagement. The study took place during the week commencing 5 November 2012.

Main image Bigstockphoto.com.