Daily Archives: 14 November, 2012

Fuelled by GIFs Tumblr sets its sights on major UK advertisers

Tumblr is aiming to follow in the footsteps of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with an attempt to attract UK brands, and make more money from the site. The five-year-old blogging platform, has signed up We Are Social, Poke, AKQA and Bartle Bogle Hegarty as its first UK agency partners.

The partnership will give them access to Tumblr data and specialist training in a similar manner to Facebook’s Preferred Developer programme. It has signed up 12 agencies globally.

The expansion of Tumblr in the UK comes after a successful US election campaign where the platform was heavily used by the Obama campaign and where its own bloggers covered the election. Tumblr also saw an explosion of animated GIFs as they moved into the mainstream. Read More »

Facebook shares leap 13% as investors show they still have an appetite for the social network

The day Facebook investors have been dreading since IPO is hereUPDATE - Facebook shares jumped 13% last night despite fears that the lockout surrounding on almost 800 million shares was coming to an end allowing investors to sell. Analysts had been expecting the end of the lockout to lead to a sharp fall, but instead markets reacted by sending Facebook stock in the opposite direction and they closed at $22.36.

The WSJ said that the “sharp gain in stock price on a sharply lower day for the market goes against conventional thinking”. Conventionally an increase in the supply of shares should ease demand and ultimately reduce the share price. Read More »

Why MTV doesn’t play Music Videos anymore

Why MTV no longer plays Music Videos: if it did it would have to change its name to the "iTunes Music Store TV".  So let’s get this straight. Video killed the radio star, right? Okay, and then it seems the internet, YouTube and social media combined to kill the music video or at least had a major impact on why MTV stopped playing music videos and started to seemingly broadcast nothing by reality TV. In the process it has built up a roster that includes: The Real World, MADE, Parental Control, 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, Teen Mom 2, Punk’d, Savage U and Snooki & JWoww to name just ten shows.

For a fuller explanation of what happened at MTV this completely unofficial and NSFW (use headphones, folks) tells us why the channel that gave life to the music video is now quite done with them. Read More »

Unhappy BBC staff urged not to air problems on Twitter and social media

Home of the BBC - under attack from all sides following child abuse debacleBBC staff are being urged to stop airing the corporation’s problems on Twitter and other social media by senior managers. Acting director of news Fran Unsworth sent an internal email yesterday saying: “It would be helpful if some of our problems were not played out publicly across social media and in the pages of the national press.”

Unsworth said it was a tough time for everyone in the BBC “in particular for those of us in BBC News” and “for some individuals most of all”. Read More »

R/GA and AKQA top table of most social of the digital agencies

Social media consultancy Sociagility has taken a look at the UK’s Top 25 digital agencies and asked the question which of them is the most social? Its Social Performance Index is the result and it compares them all to see which ones are actually using social media best to engage and interact. The thinking being that if agencies don’t use it themselves how can they sell it to clients.

Interpublic Group’s R/GA scored 455 on Sociagility’s Social Performance Index against an average of 100. The agency also commanded the highest awareness and engagement levels, whilst WPP Group’s recent acquisition AKQA took second place with the highest levels of popularity, interaction and ‘trust’.

Further down the table Essence, VCCP and G2 Joshua all demonstrate good  ”engagement potential”. Read More »