Twitter the latest Facts and Figures [infographic]

Twitter World: The top 5 countries with most Twitter users are: US, UK, Australia, Brazil and Canada.This is really handy. An infographic here packed with Twitter statistics. Among other things it highlights the disparity between  Twitter’s 500 million registered users  and the 140 million active users. On top of that we have the stat that everyday Twitter picks up as many as 300,000 new visitors and one million new accounts are created.

It digs down deeper and throws up numbers such 25% of Twitter accounts have no followers and 40% have never sent a single Tweet. That seems to highlight the issue that Twitter has with spammers and fake accounts among other things.

And how many followers on average do you think Twitter user have? The average Twitter user has 27 followers. That is a long way from the very dizzy heights of Lady Gaga who still tops the Twitter table with 31 million followers with Justin Bieber chasing her high heels on 30 million.

Twitter facts-figures: 79% of US Twitter users are more like to recommend brands they follow and 67% are more likely to buy from these brands.

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