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Facebook is driving brands away to rival social networks, says billionaire investor

Mark Cuban: Readwrite reports on another potentially damaging problem for Facebook concerning the billionaire investor Mark Cuban airing his dissatisfaction with the social network. It has echoes of the General Motors story earlier this year.  I’m sure you’ll remember when GM announced it was to cease advertising on the site, and concentrate on content, in a blow to Facebook as it headed for its IPO.

This time it is tech and media billionaire Mark Cuban, who also owns the NBA basketball team the Dallas Mavericks, who says that he is tiring of the way that Facebook does business and is considering taking his considerable business elsewhere.

His issues relate to changes that Facebook has made to its algorithm, known as Facebook Edgerank, that means that many brands have experienced a considerable drop off in the reach of their posts. Read more on Facebook is driving brands away to rival social networks, says billionaire investor…

Twitter the latest Facts and Figures [infographic]

An infographic here packed with Twitter statistics. Among other things it highlights the disparity between Twitter’s 500 million registered users and the 140 million active users. On top of that we have the stat that everyday Twitter picks up as many as 300,000 new visitors and one million new accounts are created.

Seven Social Media Trends for 2013

There are only 41 shopping days left until Christmas. Yes, really. This also means it’s about that time of year that industry movers and shakers get together over a crystal ball. Always keen to get in early, here are my top social media predictions for 2013. I know we’ve said this before, but next year social media will move beyond ‘engagement’. It has to. What else? Well we saw something start to change at Yahoo, under Marissa Mayer, but will that result in a renaissance?

Yahoo’s fortunes as a whole mirror those of Google’s social platform Google+ and next year will really have to be do or die as far as it is concerned.

We’ve said it many times, but it did happen this year. 2012 was the year of mobile, we saw that clearly illustrated in the US election, and 2013 will be the year of even more mobile thanks to 4G.  Read more on Seven Social Media Trends for 2013…

Big business: Social media grows up

Call it social maturity or social CRM, social media is no longer the new kid in marketing but has become a core part of corporate business strategy. Conversations around social media have shifted. Once the domain of the pimply kid wedged in the corner between marketing and IT, it now has a seat at the directors’ table and a space on the CIO or CTO’s agenda.

Factors driving this conversation centre around the shifting power balance between companies and their consumers, agree both Forrester and IBM. By ingraining social media into CRM management, companies are better able to navigate this chance, says IBM’s regional executive, Lotus collaboration portofolio for Southeast Asia, Christopher Blake. Read more on Big business: Social media grows up…