Red Bull named number one in list of the Top 100 Social Video Brands

Red Bull tops the list of the Top 100 Social Video brandsFresh from exploits on the edge of space Red Bull has been named number one in a list of the Top 100 Social Video brands having been deemed to have the best overall “social video strategy”. The first Goviral Social Video Equity Report put the energy drink above brands such as Google and Samsung, which came in second and fifth place respectively. Apple and Microsoft both failed to make the top ten, coming in at numbers 11 and 37.

The report looks at how video content is being used by global brands as part of their marketing strategy after auditing them based on volume, total views and engagement for content uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook in 2012.  It also evaluated the quality, innovation and relevance of content before calculating a final social.

The top ten was filled bout by Disney, Nike, Old Spice, Prada, Coca Cola, Nintendo and Adidas.

Every brand in the top five got more than 50 million views and Red Bull, Prada and Google each over one million likes and comments.

 Key findings from goviral’s Social Video Equity Report:

1. Luxury fashion brands put in a strong showing with Prada (7th), Burberry (16th) and Louis Vuitton (18th) all featuring in the top twenty as a result of high engagement scores.

2. Auto brands: in the battle of the cars BMW came out top in 12th, ahead of VW (13th), Mercedes Benz (15th), Toyota (20th) and Porsche (22nd).

3. Alcohol brands failed to make an impact, with Smirnoff (90th), Corona (93rd) and Jack Daniels (99th) all lying at the bottom end of the scale.

4. Financial brands Visa proves the exception to the norm in the financial sector. At 24th, it benefitted hugely from an aggressive video content programme for its Olympic sponsorship.

Only 15% of brands have official channels on Vimeo, with the majority relying solely on YouTube to host content.

The brands evaluated were drawn from Interbrand’s 2012 Best Global Brands Report with the additions of Red Bull and Old Spice (6th), which goviral found to use video in a highly impactful and engaging way.

Mads Holmen, planning director, goviral says that results of the report show that when it comes to branded content fortune favours the brave.

“Brands like Red Bull, Old Spice and Nike are risk-takers, constantly disrupting what’s expected to spark agenda-setting conversation. An effective social video strategy can elevate a brand beyond the product, creating an experience consumers really want to be part of,” Holmen said.

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Red Bull tops the list of the Top 100 Social Video brands

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