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Have you updated your Twitter profile yet? Here’s how.

NBC News's Today Programme and its new look Twitter profileTwitter have put out a a helpful little video to give you a few tips on how to improve your Twitter profile. There are tips on profile pics and the new header photos that Twitter introduced earlier this year. As well as doing these on your desktop PC whilst sitting comfortably at work you can also make these changes on the go via your mobile phone. How handy is that?

Twitter rolled out the new look Twitter profiles in September to give users the chance to create a more “meaningful” presence on Twitter. It’s been a really decent addition allowing users the chance to personalise their profiles and express some creativity.  Read More »

Red Bull named number one in list of the Top 100 Social Video Brands

Red Bull tops the list of the Top 100 Social Video brandsFresh from exploits on the edge of space Red Bull has been named number one in a list of the Top 100 Social Video brands having been deemed to have the best overall “social video strategy”. The first Goviral Social Video Equity Report put the energy drink above brands such as Google and Samsung, which came in second and fifth place respectively. Apple and Microsoft both failed to make the top ten, coming in at numbers 11 and 37.

The report looks at how video content is being used by global brands as part of their marketing strategy after auditing them based on volume, total views and engagement for content uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook in 2012.  It also evaluated the quality, innovation and relevance of content before calculating a final social. Read More »

Facebook users hit by ‘false likes’ of brands they have not interacted with

The FT reports on a new problem for Facebook where users are experiencing what they say are false “Likes” being attributed to them for products and causes that they have never interacted with.

The issue has caused problems and arguments for some where they have been shown to suddenly like causes that are antithetical to their point of view. One example that cropped up during the US election was of Barack Obama supporters suddenly finding that they liked “liked” Mitt Romney.

However, Facebook denies there is any problem and says that the issue could down to users accidentally swiping pages whilst accessing Facebook on their mobile phones. Others think there could be other issues at play. Read More »

SoLoMo offers great potential, but brands need to navigate carefully

As the abundance of smartphones and tablets that integrate geo-location technology, such as GPS, give rise to the SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) phenomenon, the opportunity it presents can live up to predicted demand for this kind of service.

SoLoMo represents a natural step up from the proliferation and popularity of retrieving generic gift cards or vouchers via a mobile handset.  The fact that there is already a captive audience for sourcing discounts and benefits whilst on the move readily plays into the hands of those wishing to target consumers. These include voucher aggregators and directories, as well as the brand owners who permit local, targeted offers to be made on their behalf via these types of secondary platform. Read More »

Lord McAlpine prepares to sue Twitter users who named him

Sally Bercow faces possible legal action for naming Lord McAlphine on TwitterCertain high profile Twitter users, including Sally Bercow, could be in for a nasty shock as it is reported that Lord McAlpine may sue those who named him on Twitter in relation to damaging child abuse allegations. The incident is serving as a reminder how quickly that reputations can be ruined with a click and Tweet.

Twitter users named the Tory peer after a false report by the BBC’s flagship news programme Newsnight, which at the weekend led to the resignation of BBC director general George Entwistle after just 54 days in the job.

The BBC report was jumped on by a number of high profile Twitter users and many other users who Tweeted the news that a senior Conservative was being accused of paedophilia. Read More »

CMO’s get the mobile call

Are CMO’s getting their head around mobile? A recent CMO Council survey concluded that only 14% of CMO’s were happy with their mobile strategy. Staggering really. Are CMO’s as far behind on mobile as they were on the web and social?

43% honestly answered that they definitely were not impressed with their own companies mobile marketing strategy.

Read More »