More than half of world’s top brands are now on Instagram

MTV becomes the first brand to gain one million instagram followersMore on the soaring growth of Instagram today, following talk of its ‘Superstorm Sandy Citizen Journalism moment’, with research from Simply Measured that reveals more than half of the world’s top brands or 54% are using the photo sharing network to engage consumers.

Earlier this year it looked at how brands are adopting Instagram and now three months later that is paying off with sizable month-over-month growth.

Since August brands including Starbucks, Burberry, Nike, Gucci and Audi have gained over a million new followers. Add to that MTV which has become the first brand to hit the one million follower milestone.

It underscores how Instagram currently leads all over social networks in terms of growth. While Facebook and Twitter both still hover near 100% adoption rates there then comes a grouping of three comprising Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

In the last quarter, Instagram jumped 35% compared to the snail’s pace going on at Google+, which has grown only 5% while Pinterest is in second place with a healthy 24%.

All of this has happened without a real brand focus or proper tools, but that has not stopped brands getting on-board. It’s growth among brands is of further interest as, of course, Instagram is a mobile only social network and one that has this year grown from 15 million users to 100 million.

Simply Measured says that Instagram’s ability to attract top brands as a mobile-only platform serves as a reminder of the network’s power, as well as a willingness among brands to adapt and move into new spaces.

The report says that in August, only 26% of these brands were posting at least one photo per week. Today 34% are doing so and three months ago only 17% of accounts had 10,000+ fans and today 20% have hit this milestone.

Accounts with 20,000+ have grown by 29% as well with the the most active category on Instagram being apparel, which we have seen used to good effect by the likes of Nike, Burberry, Gucci and Adidas. Other apparel brands such as Armani and GAP are close behind.

  • Sean Clark

    Do you think this could be a result of Facebook’s focus on promoted posts for Brands?

    These don’t exist on Instagram, followers see everything, and the audience is fairly similar.

    Therefore posting to Instagram could potently provide a greater return on their time.