Mobile rings the changes for brands like Ebay

The news that mobile has doubled its share of advertising and is the fastest growing area of marketing spend in surveys from the US to the UK, Australia to China demonstrates clearly where the industry is going. This is especially true in Asia.

Many mobile users have skipped the pc/laptop usage part of their lives and gone straight to mobile. If a brand wishes to reach them they must have a mobile marketing strategy. This is especially so for countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

Brands need to harness this potential with functionality that speaks to people in clear, simple layouts, colours and calls to actions on the mobiles. How many times have you visited a site on your mobile only for it not to be created as a mobile site and then switched away?

Those that realize people are booking travel, cinema visits, restaurants and using mobile for banking will reap the rewards. Those that think they can “get by” with a non-mobile friendly site or don’t have an app will sink without a trace or just serve older and less mobile friendly and less affluent consumers.

Ebay recently relaunched their site in a very de-cluttered format  for mobile and not only doubled sales but expect mobile to contribute 15% of all sales. You’re seriously missing out if you don’t invest now.

Consumers will get used to your competitors and those that do invest in mobile friendly sites and apps that are easy to use and they will stick with them.

It would be interesting to see a survey on how many apps people actually use, I would wager that it would follow the 80/20 principal which makes your app design functionality ever so more important, relevant and easy to use. How can yours stand out in the crowd and claim mobile usage?