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Instagram has its big citizen-journalism moment

SuperStorm Sandy gives Instagram its citizen-journalism momentWhat is currently the biggest thing in social media, to which you should really be paying attention? It is always a tough question to answer, even more so this week, in the wake of the US election campaign, in which social media and digital played such a central role to Barack Obama’s re-election.

Was it a decisive factor, though, and was this ‘the Twitter election’ at which we looked in depth in yesterday here on The Wall.

We could debate that one for a long time, for the life of the next Presidency even, but one thing is not debatable. Every now and again, a game-changing event comes along that makes you sit up and take notice. Read more on Instagram has its big citizen-journalism moment…

A guide to the world of Reddit [infographic]

Barack Obama does his AMA on RedditReddit bills itself as “the front page of the internet” and has become one of the most popular destinations on the web. We saw a demonstration of that earlier this year when Barack Obama did his “Ask me anything” Reddit interview, which brought the site crashing down.

With millions of subscribers and billions of page views, Reddit has the power to make or break any online campaign. Take a closer look at this social powerhouse, and see how you can reach out to the millions of Redditers out there. Read more on A guide to the world of Reddit [infographic]…

Why you should link your Google+ account to Adwords

If anyone doubts the value of a Google + account for brands, take a look at what Google’s social extensions can do for web traffic. Social extensions connect all the +1 recommendations your customers have given you – whether that was on your website, your Google+ page or your ads – and display them in your search results.

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YouTube sensation ‘baracksdubs’ returns with Obama doing MC Hammer

President Barack Obama gets ready to boogie to MC HammerFadi Saleh is back with an awesome new “barackdubs” to celebrate the President’s re-election victory. The YouTube phenomenon, created by 19-year old Saleh, has in the past had the president singing and dancing to plenty of tunes including the Obama/Romney duet of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party In The U.S.A’ and Obama doing Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’.

Now Saleh is back with Obama doing the MC Hammer’s massive 1990 hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’.

The “moves” Obama does as he removes his jacket in the various clips work wonderfully well. You can almost imagine its real. Almost. Read more on YouTube sensation ‘baracksdubs’ returns with Obama doing MC Hammer…

Mobile rings the changes for brands like Ebay

The news that mobile has doubled its share of advertising and is the fastest growing area of marketing spend in surveys from the US to the UK, Australia to China demonstrates clearly where the industry is going. This is especially true in Asia.

Many mobile users have skipped the pc/laptop usage part of their lives and gone straight to mobile. If a brand wishes to reach them they must have a mobile marketing strategy. This is especially so for countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

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