Using video to drive social media

People’s trust in traditional media is declining, with recommendations from friends, social media and blogs becoming key influencers of a  purchasing decision.  This, along with the SEO benefits, has meant brands are increasingly seeing social media as a vital channel.

The key to social media for brands is their ability to engage with the audience and this is increasingly being done through visually compelling content, which video helps deliver. Video for social media, known as social video, has become the choice for many brands on social networks.

Social video is being used to add to the social experience of the viewer, whilst delivering a branded message. Advertising is moving from a 30 second slot people try to avoid on TV to social video content which viewers are willing to share with their social networks. Social video is enabling brands to share their message in a manner that the audience will listen to and engage with.

When used strategically, social video on can help brands drive a number of their social media objectives, including generating engagement, increasing brand awareness and evoking a brand’s personality.

How does video do this?

1. Provides a multi-sensory experience – an audio, visual and emotional experience all in one

2. Stands out in news feeds, making it more likely to get noticed by the audience

3. Easy for the user to consume

4. Able to engage with its audience and capture attention immediately

5. Provides a shareable form of content

The rewards for a brand harnessing the power of social video are clear, with research suggesting that immediately after viewing a company’s video, buyers are 40% more likely to visit a company’s website or contact via phone (eMarketer, 2011).

Studies by Brightcove has also found that videos shared through social media performs better than other videos, with higher engagement rates and higher completion rates, allowing brands to share their message to an audience who are listening.

It’s no wonder then that social video campaigns generated over 8 billion views in 2011 and are expected to more than double in 2012 as brands commit more to social video.

Jon Whiting is Digital Marketing Manager at Three Motion.