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FT expected to be primarily a digital mobile product by 2016

The Financial Times, having spent the vast majority of the last 124 years as a printed business newspaper, will soon mainly be consumed on smartphones and tablets, according to digital leader Rob Grimshaw.

The managing director of FT.com called the shift to mobile “bigger in magnitude than the switch from print to desktop”, and added that the pace of change in consumption habits is happening faster. Read more on FT expected to be primarily a digital mobile product by 2016…

Mad men and lousy copywriters: a writing guide for bloggers

He’s staring at a virgin piece of paper laid out on the desk. His pen hovers over the blank sheet. Stumped, he leans back in his chair with a sigh. Smooths his hair and draws deeply on a cigarette.  David Ogilvy, one of the best-known of the Madison Avenue ad men, said he was a “lousy copywriter”. “If all else fails, I drink half a bottle of rum and play a Handel oratorio on the gramophone,” he told one correspondent who asked for the recipe for good writing. “This generally produces an uncontrollable gush of copy. The next morning I get up early and edit the gush. ”

The printing press and movable type, the typewriter, the word processor and the internet have made it easier over the centuries to share the written word. They haven’t made it easier to write well. Having the means of publication is not the same as having an audience. The internet bulges with blogs with an audience of one: the writer. Poets and novelists hope to find an audience but can work to please themselves. But journalists and copywriters are paid to enlighten, engage or entertain and have failed if their work is unread. Likewise, bloggers. Read more on Mad men and lousy copywriters: a writing guide for bloggers…

How US election night played out online

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama embrace Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden moments after the television networks called the election in their favor.In the early hours of this morning President Barack Obama declared he had won a second term. On Twitter. “Four more years”, he Tweeted. As Editor Gordon Macmillan pointed out, this has become the most shared Tweet in history, and marks a watershed moment for the platform.

There was no reply of concession from Republican challenger Governor Mitt Romney, whose final tweet of the campaign came five hours earlier:

Read more on How US election night played out online…

Using video to drive social media

People’s trust in traditional media is declining, with recommendations from friends, social media and blogs becoming key influencers of a  purchasing decision.  This, along with the SEO benefits, has meant brands are increasingly seeing social media as a vital channel.

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