Obama wins the “killer app” email battle against Romney [infographics]

This year’s US presidential election looks to be one of the most closely-run contests in years, with the candidates tied in various polls across the States. Both the Obama and Romney campaigns have been using every channel available to them to appeal to voters, and email is no exception. Digital marketing technology firm Silverpop began analysing the candidates’ email marketing strategies some ten months ago during the Republican primaries.

Email as Thomas Gensemer, managing partner at Obama’s agency Blue State Digital, told us recently remains “the killer app for fundraising”.

Since Romney secured the Republican nomination, more than 400 messages between the two candidates have been analysed to see just what their email campaigns say about them – and what they’ve been telling their country.

The results gathered over the past year have thrown up some fascinating trends, reflecting both the personalities and strategies of the two candidates. When it came to addressing supporters by first name in email, 98% of messages from the Obama camp were personalized, while only 8.5% from the Romney campaign included first names.

The success of Barack Obama’s team here reflects his wider success across the digital spectrum as we have written about often here on The Wall during this campaign and we noted last month how Obama was decisively beating Romney in digital and social media battle.

In email when it comes to addressing their opponents by name, the GOP candidate addressed his adversary in 47% of his emails, while Obama referred to Romney in 25% of his messages.

The Vice-President is the second in command, but each candidate has taken a different approach to how often their running mate is used to send an email. Vice President Biden was the sender in 2.9% of the Obama campaign’s emails, with Obama carrying 23.8% of the share. On the Republican side, Romney and running mate Paul Ryan largely shared the load, with 11.1% and 9.1% , respectively.

Biden and Ryan were not the only personalities to play a key role in each camp’s email strategy, however. Michelle Obama and Ann Romney were also frequently called upon to reach out to the US public – with each utilising highly similar messaging, often encouraging voters to attend a convention or donate. 

Presidential email - how Obama and Romney fared

While we’re here we have another Infographic that looks at an earlier infographic from the same series that makes for some interesting context ahead of today’s election.