How to guarantee your video will go viral

The buyral way how to guarantee your viral video will go really viralAre you tired of making brilliant viral videos, releasing them out into the big wide web only to discover…they doesn’t go viral? How annoying is that? Besides what kind of viral video does that? Oh wait it’s just a video. To make sure that does not happen to you or your brand again Buyral has the solution to you’re viral video concerns.

Apparently with “Buyral, you’ll get millions of clicks every time”. It is guaranteed. There might be a catch to this…check out the instructive video.

  • Roger

    Simply brilliant! Must be Obama’s answer to the US unemployment problem ….

    In the meantime, we’ve got kennels lined up all across the UK for our video effort:

  • Sugahgal

    this is a piss take right?

  • Epode