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The Top 20 US election YouTube ads in the 2012 campaign

Mitt Romney Gangam StyleWith the election now decided we take a quick look back at some of the ads that made an impact and helped Barack Obama on the road to victory and a second term as well as some of those that Mitt Romney and his supporters put out against him.

Included here is Obama’s groundbreaking ‘The Road We’ve travelled’, Girls creator Lena Dunham’s controversial ‘First Time’ as well as Joss Whedon and Sarah Silverman all stumping for Obama. And, of course, no list from this campaign would be complete without Samuel L Jackson ‘Wake the F*** Up’. Job done on that front.

We were told over and over, and I have written it many times myself, that this election has been the Twitter election and it has been in so many senses. But looking back it is easy to see the impact that YouTube has played. Many ads, which barely played on TV, made their impact online making YouTub’e role a huge one during the 2012 Presidential Election with so many videos going viral and racking up millions and millions of views.

Here are some of those ads that have scored most highly during the campaign topped by Mitt Romney going (what else) Gangnam style. Guessing he won’t be dancing like this today. Read More »

Obama wins the “killer app” email battle against Romney [infographics]

This year’s US presidential election looks to be one of the most closely-run contests in years, with the candidates tied in various polls across the States. Both the Obama and Romney campaigns have been using every channel available to them to appeal to voters, and email is no exception. Digital marketing technology firm Silverpop began analysing the candidates’ email marketing strategies some ten months ago during the Republican primaries.

Email as Thomas Gensemer, managing partner at Obama’s agency Blue State Digital, told us recently remains “the killer app for fundraising”.

Since Romney secured the Republican nomination, more than 400 messages between the two candidates have been analysed to see just what their email campaigns say about them – and what they’ve been telling their country. Read More »

How to guarantee your video will go viral

The buyral way how to guarantee your viral video will go really viralAre you tired of making brilliant viral videos, releasing them out into the big wide web only to discover…they doesn’t go viral? How annoying is that? Besides what kind of viral video does that? Oh wait it’s just a video. To make sure that does not happen to you or your brand again Buyral has the solution to you’re viral video concerns.

Apparently with “Buyral, you’ll get millions of clicks every time”. It is guaranteed. There might be a catch to this…check out the instructive video. Read More »

How AuthorRank is going to change the face of SEO

Part of our role in SEO is to constantly monitor the changes that Google makes to the way it displays and ranks web pages. One of the changes you may have noticed is the introduction of “rich snippets” into the search results.

Rich snippets can include a number of details regarding the page including author photos, links to additional articles and for products accumulated ratings. For those of you aren’t familiar with how this is displayed in the search results see the example of BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones below: Read More »

The Twitter election is almost over as Americans go to the polls

As the US election race winds down through its final hours Twitter has launched its election Twitter #Election2012 event page, which will curate Tweets from the candidates, their campaign staff, political insiders, news commentators, and government officials as the day plays out.

The 2012 US election has been dubbed the Twitter election from the start with CEO Dick Costolo making the claim back in January.

In 2004 it was blogs, in 2008 it was Facebook and 2012 has been about Twitter.  There is little doubt about that. Other platforms have made their presence felt like Tumblr and Instagram, but Twitter has made the headlines. Read More »

Social media injustice as Twitter rape bullies get away with paltry fine

louise mensch reported trollsSad news to read this morning that the nine people who illegally named a woman on Twitter and Facebook who was raped by footballer, Ched Evans, were told to pay her just £624 each in compensation.

The nine, who included a female teacher, had posted messages on social networks accusing the 19 year victim old of being a “money-grabbing slut” who had made up the attack.

Louise Mensch, the former Tory MP, who reported the internet bullies, said the judge’s lenient sentence “sickened her”. Read More »

Strictly is winning TV ratings war but X Factor takes battle of the Tweets

Strictly Come Dancing: Ola Jordan and Sid Owen in their final dance on SaturdayAs the race for Saturday night ratings continues, BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing seems to be pulling ahead as the clear winner. Beating ITV’s X Factor by almost 2 million viewers, this marks Strictly Come Dancing’s biggest lead over its rivals in 6 years.

This is even more impressive considering that the two shows’ broadcasting times did not overlap, with Strictly finishing at 8:15pm, and X Factor started at 8:20pm. Nevertheless, Strictly’s same lead is not echoed on Twitter.

Read More »

Mobile marketing taps into the new ways that people live their lives

So what are the main specific areas where mobile users are expanding their horizon’s by using mobile apps? Well photography, travel and finance lead the way with above 100% year on year increases in app use.

Photography is being fueled by Instagram amongst others as mobile phones develop more sophisticated and powerful cameras.

People are using travel apps to do everything from researching hotels to booking flights, reading reviews to redeeming offers, all on their mobiles, ironically while travelling.

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