How often should brands tweet?

We’ve written about this quite a bit before. Looking at ‘How to get more clicks on Twitter’, how ‘question and exclamation marks don’t work on Twitter’; and where in a tweet is the best place to put the all important link.

Now TrackSocial has done some research looking at the Twitter activity of major brands to work out what the effect is of increasing the frequency of Tweet on response levels via Retweets.

It started by looking at Retweets per Tweet, as increasing numbers of Tweets are made per day.

For each Tweet Frequency it looked at the percentage of the Retweets per Tweet compared to when a brand only tweets once in a day.

Perhaps unsurprisingly a low Twitter Frequency isn’t ineffective. It found that when a brand “tweets 2-5 times per day they get more Retweets per Tweet, by up to 300%, compared to when they Tweet only once a day”.

The message here is simple: “Twitter is a high volume channel, and unless you Tweet enough to get noticed you may be wasting your effort”.

Response Per Tweet drops off after 5 Tweets are made.

It found the same was true if you tweet too much. After five Tweets per day it saw a drop-off in the response per tweet, suggesting possible diminishing returns.

“Response per Tweet is important to consider because it impacts engagement levels, the visibility of tweets, and brand perception. However it is not the whole story.

“It is the Response per Day, rather than per Tweet, that represents the total amount of interaction a brand is having with its consumers, and is representative of the total amount of touch-points they have to get across their marketing message. 

Despite the Retweets per Tweet falling, as brands tweet more, the total number of Retweets only continues to increase. To assess the overall performance of different Tweet levels, Track Social uses the Response Score, which, for Tweets, is a combination of Tweets per Day and Tweets per Post,” according to  TrackSocial.

The simple message here is yes Twitter is high volume, but you it is also high quality.

A reasonable frequency plus quality content equals decent engagement. It is a rule that should work for all (at least in theory).

It overall advice to brands is pretty simple and straight forward, but worth noting:

  1. Commit to an ongoing Twitter program with a minimum Tweet frequency or your efforts may be wasted.
  2. Be aware that Retweets per Tweet does decrease with Tweet frequency. This can impact Tweet visibility and have branding implications.
  3. Increase Tweet frequency and monitor the results. As we have shown, it is possible to increase Tweet frequency without negative consequences.
  4. Regardless of how often you Tweet, your content has to be relevant and interesting to your audience.

  • Anton Koekemoer

    Hi Gordon,

    Great post and excellent question – As I am asked the same question time and time again. And really it depends on the business, size, demographically situated and the target market can all mean the difference between tweeting once a day or constantly engaging on Twitter.

  • newriverm

    Interesting post, thanks.