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Branded content: A game-changer for brands

Branded content: A game-changer for brands

Branded content is driving a whole new marketing model, which calls for a more integrated approach in the region’s hyper-connected markets. We know well that Asia-Pacific leads the world in terms of digital device penetration, broadband speeds and the sheer growth of connected consumers. We call this ‘hyper-connectivity’.

We have over one billion online users, growing at a rate of 10 per cent a year. That’s 100 million new users every year ready to connect and share content with colleagues, families and friends. Read more on Branded content: A game-changer for brands…

How often should brands tweet?

We’ve written about this quite a bit before. Looking at ‘How to get more clicks on Twitter’, how ‘question and exclamation marks don’t work on Twitter’; and where in a tweet is the best place to put the all important link.

Now TrackSocial has done some research looking at the Twitter activity of major brands to work out what the effect is of increasing the frequency of Tweet on response levels via Retweets. Read more on How often should brands tweet?…

Ad Battle of the Century: Facebook crushes Primetime TV

The social media era began in 2006, when Facebook first welcomed everyone over 13 and Twitter launched. We’ve been waiting six years now for some useful way of comparing the efficiency of traditional ads versus digital advertising. Such a method is now in sight.

When I say “advertising,” of course, I’m not talking solely about what marketers almost always mean by the word “advertising:” paid ad units, whether on TV, in print, on Facebook or anywhere else on the web. Paid ad forms have been measured and compared to death. But it is virtually impossible to find any study of the advertising impact of non-paid messages. Read more on Ad Battle of the Century: Facebook crushes Primetime TV…

Twitter Street – Photography project aims to put faces to the Tweets

Love this idea. A UK, online project that photographs Twitter users and their tweets, Tweeter Street, has launched a campaign to raise funds to take the project global while also allowing the public the chance to buy a place in this historic venture.

Documenting the early era of a revolutionary new medium and humanising the experience of social media, Tweeter Street was launched in March 2011 when London based photographer Michael Hughes looked at the “nearby tweets” section on his phone application and wanted to know more about the circumstances and settings in which people were tweeting. Read more on Twitter Street – Photography project aims to put faces to the Tweets…