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What Tumblr tells us about the future of the media

How the US Presidential election got TumblrTumblr has had a very good US election so far. The Obama campaign particularly has taken to it and scored big hits with animated GIFs. Not so much for Mitt Romney’s team, but both have paid a good deal of attention to it.

We also saw Tumblr working with various media brands like how it teamed up with The Guardian for the Presidential debates.

We also saw how one Tumblr post became the most popular of all time with a whopping eight million shares. Read More »

Facebook is like a swimming pool, according to new ad

facebook is like a swimming poolLast month Facebook celebrated hitting one billion users and launched its first ever ad campaign. It was an existential kind of film that compared the social network to chairs…bridges and great nations.

These are all things that connect us was the message. It was a nice idea and ad even if US ad agency Wieden + Kennedy did stretch a point.

Now it has added to the things that connect us campaign with a new image posted online. It’s of a swimming pool. It is apparently also just want Facebook is like. Read More »

Is there room on the social web for more opinions? Opinsy is hoping so

Twitter and Facebook are rife with people offering up their ‘expert’ opinions on all sorts of topics, and others Liking, sharing, retweeting, and commenting on those opinions. London’s Wushi Labs have decided to tap into this, and built a social network solely around opinions.

Called Opinsy, the network is currently in public beta. It is built on Pinterest like user interface, and allows users to search opinions, click agree or disagree, and also provide a fuller comment feature as well as the ability to just browse the comment thread on an opinion.

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The good, the bad and the ugly of social media during Superstorm Sandy

The good, the bad and the ugly of social media during Superstorm SandyThe devastation of Superstorm Sandy (also dubbed Frankenstorm) is still being felt across much of the east coast of America, it claimed more 66 lives in the Caribbean before making its way to the US, where the death toll is now over 70.  There are eight million homes in 17 states without power and there’s an estimated cost of $50bn.

Although the immediate danger of Sandy has passed, the relief efforts, clean up and re-building will be ongoing for many years to come.

Social media has historically played an important role during crisis and times of natural disaster, and Superstorm Sandy is no different.  The word Sandy has been mentioned in social channels more than 4.8 million times and there are many examples over the last few days of how social media has been used by Government, organisations, brands and individuals for support, information, fun, trolling and… marketing.  Let’s take a look at some of the good, the bad and ugly examples. Read More »

Why aren’t retailers maximising marketing on facebook?

Facebook clearly know that they are suffering in terms of driving people to purchase as a result of seeing a link/post on the site. They are looking at every angle which turns out to include using the button “want”.

“I want that” will replace “I like that”. Sounds like petulance will replace affection. Do we really want people to go around “wanting” rather than “liking” ? It’s a tactic employed by rival Pinterest and is a way to encourage shared “wanted” items to be bought for/by friends.



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