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American Apparel and Gap cause Twitter outrage with Hurricane Sandy sales

American Apparel causes Twitter outrage with 'Hurricane Sandy Sale'When will brands ever learn? Do people not use the internet and read stuff? When it comes to social media we are now at a point when we have a fat pile of case files detailing how various brands have failed at social media, but this does not apparently stop other brands copying these mistakes over and over again.

This time around it is the turn of American Apparel. It has had the bright idea of rolling out a “Hurricane Sandy Sale” ad and as you might guess has sparked something of a Twitter backlash and ensured its brand will forever be linked with the words “social media fail”.

Earlier this year it was KFC Thailand doing its best to fail on social media. While the country was watching tsunami warnings and fearing the worst the fast food firm posted a message on its official Faceook page suggesting it was some time for tasty chicken as they watched the drama unfold. Read More »

Hacking Hurrricane Sandy – online community comes together against storm

We all know the  increasingly outdated and cliched image of hackers – a young, socially awkward man, in a basement causing chaos (this despite the best efforts of Angelina Jolie). There is now a more socially aware type of hacker coming to the fore, using social media and opensource tools to build digital projects to help their community.

Hurricane Sandy, which has already swept across the Caribbean and is now hitting the East Coast of America, has illustrated this perfectly.

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Ann Summers shows how to keep a grip rapidly growing online community

Ann Summers TV ad campaign from Nov 2011Its clear that the internet’s function as a ‘two-way communication channel’ has revolutionized the traditional relationship between an organisation and its public.  However with the word ‘social’ now dominating internet lingo, the term ‘two-way communication channel’ becomes a dated understatement.

As coined by a recent Ipsos MORI report: “The Internet is not a two-way communication channel, but a communal one”,

The report is one of many that recognizes the huge potential of an increasingly social internet, where people connect themselves to an organisation without a second thought.  Read More »

Obama campaign shows how digital has changed politics 2.0 for all

A nice little ad here from Barack Obama’s campaign that seems to perfectly illustrate the impact that digital has had on politics during this Presidential Election campaign. It features Walter, a 91-year-old World War II veteran, at home with his phone and his laptop making telephone canvassing calls for the Obama campaign.

The software isn’t new, but it is only when you see it at work like this that you’re reminded how much as changed. Read More »