Turning SEO Link Building into SEO Audience Targeting with Twitter profiling

Admit it. You’ve sat in a meeting with your SEO Agency and thought, “surely, this shouldn’t work”. Endless, near irrelevant “guest posts” at best, “article submission” and “directory link building” at the very worst.

For the past decade, “SEO” and “Marketing” have been allowed to remain almost entirely different disciplines.

With a few exceptions, the vast majority of the SEO industry has been allowed to stumble along without a second thought to who they are targeting, where those people might be, and how best to reach them.

Today, I want to share a combination of a few simple tools that actually help us identify our target audience, show us who might be influencing them and how to identify what content those influencers share. Why? We’re trying to reach people. What better way than to do it in a targeted, data driven way.

SEO has finally arrived at the intersection between search engine rankings and real marketing. Social Media happens to be the key that has opened the door, and finally, it’s our job to catch the attention of a real audience. Here’s how to turn SEO link building into real audience targeting with Twitter profiling. 

Start by identifying Your Audience

Let’s think about an audience and do some imaginary targeting for a moment. For this article, I’ve decided to profile a representative group of UK based Marketing Directors. Perfect for a typical B2B marketing scenario. Imagine we’d like those professionals to become aware of us, to get their eyeballs on our brand or to get them to connect with us in some way. How would you do that?

SEOmoz, a US based SEO Tools company recently acquired a start up with a web application called Followerwonk. Followerwonk, a Twitter search tool, has a set of powerful features for the curious Social Media researcher – in particular the “Search Twitter Bios” and “Analyse Followers” tools which make for rapid identification of real people in a target audience.

Let’s return to our market research scenario. An initial query reveals 234 active Twitter profiles, where the bio contains “Marketing Director” with a location set to “London”. Trying to stay focused on a small, but interesting set of verticals, we chose to drill down into fashion, automotive and publishing.

 A Seed List of “Typical” Profiles

Our initial research help us identify the Head of Digital at Barclaycard, a Marketing Director at Mercedes and a Marketing Manager at Condé Nast. While quite active on Twitter, these individuals were not quite active enough to derive any meaningful data from further research. Returning to the profile search feature once again, we sort the results for “Marketing Director” by profiles that had many followers and happened to be following a larger number of people. Finally, we identified three “Typical” but influential Twitter users from which we could derive some behavioural data.

Identifying the Influencer Intersection

Let’s remember for a moment that we’re trying to catch the attention of our Marketing Directors. We’ve identified our typical profiles, but now we need to understand the influencer intersection. What people, if any, are followed by all three of our targets?

Followerwonk has the answer. There’s a smart feature called “Compare Users” allowing us to take a detailed look at the activity of each of our target users, which also allows us to perform some analysis on the people they follow.

A quick comparison of two of our target profiles reveals that they mutually follow 41 of the same people.

Selecting the “followed by both” link reveals the intersection:

Selecting Relevant Influencers in the Intersection

This is the exciting part. Remembering again we’re trying to attract the attention of our representative Marketing Director segment, so, we carefully choose relevant influencers or people in this list who are likely to share ideas and content that appeal professionally. An Ideal example of an influencer might be Jamie Riddell, an active Twitter user, followed by over 7,000 people (including our selected profiles), who shares content and Tweets regularly.

We know that our Marketing Directors see Jamie’s Tweets on a daily basis. What is Jamie sharing? What are all of the relevant influencers in the intersection sharing? We’re marketers, let’s use data to learn.


Tweetarchivist is a handy little tool to analyse and export tweet data. Fortunately, the tool’s search interface uses the same advanced search syntax as Twitter Search. So, we can in theory extract all of the recently shared content from Jamie, and the rest of our influencers.

A search query as simple as this: “filter:links from:@brandrepublic” reveals 96 recently shared links from Brand Republic. Combining the export data for all users is a simple matter of copy and paste to reveal raw behavioural data like this:

Simple Data Analysis with SEO Tools for Excel

One of the niftiest tools I’ve ever used in Excel (if you’re an SEO) is SEO Tools for Excel. There’s a clever function in the toolset called “unshortURL()” which makes it possible to decode shortened URLs from services like Bit.ly and T.co.

Let’s remember that we’re trying to locate and identify sources of content that our target audience are most likely to discover. We’ve identified the people that influence them, so next we need to understand what sites are being shared by the influencer group.  If you’re trying to determine where you should get your PR and outreach teams to focus, then SEO Tools combined with Tweetarchivist data is an immensely powerful process to master.

A little Excel wizardry and we end up with a data set that looks like this:

What we’re looking at here is the PR’s dream. It’s a list of all of the websites, shared on Twitter by the people who are most relevant and most influential to our Marketing Directors. The data has been ordered by the number of times we saw each domain shared in a 30 day period.

Building Links Using Audience Targeting

I hope you find this concept as exciting as I do. We’ve been able to identify an audience, find their influencers, derive what those influencers are sharing most frequently, knowing that there’s a very high likelihood that our Marketing Directors will simply stumble across our targeted PR, outreach or news content completely by accident. That’s the new intersection between social, SEO and Marketing.

Written by Richard Baxter, Founder and Director of SEOgadget.com.

Main image bigstockphoto.com.

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  • anshulgautam

    This is a great post Richard! Awesome! Here are some additional things which can be done. Since we know what the influencers like to read and the information shared by marketing directors, this data can be used across Facebook Advertisement, Linkedin Ads with a KPI such as “Reaching the marketing directors for brand awareness” or “Getting marketing directors to read our content which resonates with them”. The targeting attributes could include Country UK, age in the range of 30+, who like business magazines (Forbes, Inc) , marketing, entrepreneurship, online marketing, http://www.brandrepublic.com, wallblog.co.uk, blogs.hbr.org + optionally working in organizations such as Benz, Conde Nast etc. This will help you build brand awareness, content readership and conversions.

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  • Sandeep Singh

    Yes absolutely here are some additional information for toady’s internet world, It a good stuff to get some different think about the SEO as Twitter prospective. There are number of companies which are running in same manner like http://www.nudgedigital.co.uk

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  • http://clickminers.com/ Tom

    I totally love your article. I’ve neglected Twitter for a long time but getting into B2B and find this particularly interesting. I like when people go out of the box with the way they approach things. Your guide is a perfect example of thinking outside the box and shows you can do exiting stuff with social media. Something new for a SEO-minded guy like me.

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  • http://www.arbschool.co.uk/ micheal mcallum

    Matt cutts clearly says do not target google ranks first target audience which gives you organic traffic positions gains will automatically follow your site with the help of white hat ways only

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    “Of all the managers I’ve worked with he’s [Mourinho] the first, I would put him first. Our philosophy when I was there was very simple. He educated us to hate losing,” Drogba told reporters,” the striker said.

    “Sometimes, in training, you could play three or four games of five minutes without a goal. It shows you the intensity of training and the way we working. Everyone was so concentrated.”

    He added, “We knew everything about the opponents. We were ready, when we went on the pitch, even for a difficult game, a difficult start, we knew we would win. It was a machine. It was like we were a machine.”
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    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Bahkan Arsene Wenger sedikit tidak memaklumi sebuah kegagalan penalti, seperti yang dilakukan oleh Oezil, yang membuat Arsenal urung mencuri gol — dan di akhir laga bahkan kalah 0-2.

    “Saya sih lebih suka kalau si pemain lebih dulu berlari sebelum menendang,” ucap Wenger kepada Sky Sports, mengenai teknik penalti Oezil, yang tanpa banyak langkah ancang-ancang, dan arah tembakannya ke tengah dan bisa dihalau kiper Manuel Neuer.

    “Baiklah, setiap orang punya style dan kita harus menghormati itu, karena memang cara menendang penalti tidak cuma satu. Dia merasa nyaman seperti itu, itu gaya dia,” lanjut Wenger.

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    Selewat jornada 28, alias menyisakan 10 pekan lagi, Madrid masih bercokol di puncak klasemen dengan raihan 70 poin. Posisi dua dihuni Atletico Madrid dengan 67 poin, sedangkan Barca menempati posisi tiga dengan koleksi 66 poin. Gambaran itulah yang bakal mengiringi El Clasico di Santiago Bernabeu, Senin (24/3/2014) dinihari WIB, dalam laga jornada 29.

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    Kekalahan bahkan disebut bisa memupuskan kesempatan Blaugrana. Hal itu sendiri merupakan opini umum dari trio mantan pemain Barca yakni Allan Simonsen, Ion Andoni Goikoetxea, dan Carles Rexach.

    “(Laga) Itu amat penting buat klub dan para pemain karena pertandingan ini bisa menentukan liga secara keseluruhan,” tegas Simonsen, yang merumput di Camp Nou periode 1979–1982, di situs resmi Barca.

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    Barca Menanti Aksi dan Kontribusi Messi di Bernabeu

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Barcelona – Lionel Messi sempat tampil kurang oke untuk Barcelona, meski kini ia tampak sudah kembali ke performa terbaiknya. Menurut Andres Iniesta, itu amat penting buat Barca yang akhir pekan ini akan menghadapi El Clasico.

    Cedera dan proses pemulihannya sempat mengganggu Messi. Namun, menjelang El Clasico pemain asal Argentina itu seperti ingin membuktikan bahwa dirinya sudah kembali oke.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Akhir pekan lalu dalam lanjutan Liga Spanyol, Messi mencetak hat-trick untuk membantu Barca meraih kemenangan telak 7-0 saat menjamu Osasuna. Tiga gol itu membuat Messi kini tercatat sebagai topskorer sepanjang masa Barcelona.

    Tambahan gol-gol itu juga membuat Messi kini sudah mengoleksi 12 gol dari 10 laga terakhir di seluruh kompetisi. Dengan performa Messi, sang andalan utama, itulah Barca akan menyambangi Santiago Bernabeu markas Real Madrid, Senin (24/3/2014) dinihari WIB.

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    Barcelona Harus Mendekati Sempurna untuk Menang di Bernabeu

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Barcelona – Laga dengan Real Madrid akan jadi kesempatan Barcelona untuk merapatkan lagi persaingan jadi juara musim ini. Tapi sebagaimana El Clasicoselalu terjadi, lawatan ke Santiago Bernabeu akan sangat sulit buat Blaugrana.

    Senin (24/3/2014) dinihari WIB, El Clasico jilid kedua akan digelar di Santiago Bernabeu. Jika pada edisi pertama di Camp Nou Barcelona berstatus pemuncak klasemen, kali ini gantian Madrid yang berada di posisi teratas.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Dengan performa yang belakangan mengendur, Lionel Messi dkk saat ini berada di posisi tiga dengan poin 66. Sementara Cristiano Ronaldo cs punya empat angka lebih banyak.

    Dengan kondisi seperti itu, laga El Clasico di akhir pekan ini akan jadi kesempatan buat Barca untuk merapatkan jarak. Hasil imbang apalagi kalah jelas bukan pilihan karena itu akan membuat mereka makin jauh tertinggal.

    “Itu akan menjadi pertandingan yang membuka kesempatan kami kembali ke persaingan juara, dan itu sudah cukup jadi motivasi buat kami untuk sepenuhnya fokus pada laga tersebut,” sahut Andres Iniesta di situs resmi klubnya.

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    Musim Gurpegui Berakhir

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari

    agen bola City Holiday – Athletic Bilbao memastikan gelandang, yang juga kapten mereka, Carlos Gurpegui, harus mengakhiri musimnya lebih awal.

    Agen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Penyebabnya adalah cedera lutut serius yang dialaminya, yang memaksanya harus menjalani operasi pemulihan. Cedera itu didapatnya saat Bilbao meraih kemenangan 1-0 atas Getafe.

    “Setelah konsultasi medis, dalam beberapa hari ke depan pemain akan menjalani operasi antroskopik pada lutut kanannya,” pernyataan Bilbao.

    “Tanggal operasi dan lamanya dia akan absen masih akan diinformasikan secepatnya, tapi semua tergantung pada prosedur penanganan.”

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    Van Persie dituntut Belanda tetap fit di Brasil

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Tak maksimal di klubnya musim ini, penyerang Belanda Robin van Persie diberi syarat tertentu oleh pelatih Louis van Gaal agar bisa bermain optimal di Piala Dunia 2014.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Statistik penampilan Van Persie bersama Manchester United di Premier League mengalami penurunan. Di musim lalu ia menjadi top skorer kompetisi dengan 26 gol, tapi musi ini ia hanya membuat 12 gol dari 18 laga. Ia kehilangan banyak pertandingan karena cedera lutut.

    Van Gaal menginginkan kondisi dia kembali prima saat Piala Dunia. Ada ajang untuk pemanasan sekaligus menguji kebugaran itu.

    “Dia sudah harus fit. Semua pertandingan persahabatan sebelum Piala Dunia adalah kesempatan dia untuk meningkatkan fisiknya,” kata Van Gaal.

    Belanda akan mejalani dua laga uji coba dalam waktu dekat. Pertama bertemu Ghana di Rotterdam pada 31 Mei, kemudian Wales di Amsterdam 4 Juni. Van Persie sendiri sudah bergabung latihan di training camp timnas Belanda di Hoenderloo sejak Kamis waktu setempat.

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    Owen confident Messi and Aguero bring success for Argentina

    Former England international Michael Owen says Argentina is favourites to claim a third FIFA World Cup title. Argentina used to win World Cup two times in 1978 and 1986.

    Owen, playing two World Cups in 2002 and 2006, believes in Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi to bring success for Argentina. As pointed by Agen Bola indo11.com

    Owen said: “They have good players throughout the team, but Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi just tip it. It will be extremely difficult to stop these two players from scoring. Argentina is more or less in their own backyard and they are used to the altitude and weather.”

    He added: “The team has some defensive concerns, but Argentineans are typically streetwise.I honestly believe they have more quality than the other nations.”

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    Stephane Ruffier included in France squad

    Famous Agen Bola indo11.com mentioned, Due to Mandanda’s injury, France has made its decision to include St Etienne keeper Stephane Ruffier in their World Cup squad. Mandanda cracked a vertebra in his neck. In the upcoming world cup on 12 June France joins Honduras, along with Ecuador and Switzerland in Group E.

    Below is the list of players selected for France’s squad for world cup event.

    Goalkeepers: Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur), Stephane Ruffier (St Etienne), Mickael Landreau (Bastia).

    Defenders: Mathieu Debuchy (Newcastle), Lucas Digne (Paris St-Germain) Patrice Evra (Manchester United), Laurent Koscielny, Bacary Sagna (both Arsenal), Eliaquim Mangala (Porto), Mamadou Sakho (Liverpool), Raphael Varane (Real Madrid).

    Midfielders: Yohan Cabaye, Blaise Matuidi (both Paris St-Germain), Clement Grenier (Lyon), Rio Mavuba (Lille), Paul Pogba (Juventus), Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle), Mathieu Valbuena (Marseille).

    Forwards: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid), Olivier Giroud (Arsenal), Antoine Griezmann (Real Sociedad), Loic Remy (Newastle, on loan from QPR), Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich).

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    Besler may be sold to either Fulham or Sunderland

    Famous Agen Bola indo11.com mentioned, According to Sporting Kansas City captain Matt Besler, the MLS club are considering offers from English duo Fulham and Sunderland. Both Fulham and Sunderland are interested in Besler and Kansas City might be able to sell him to either club.
    Besler said: “I know Fulham has offered Sporting Kansas City. I know that Sunderland put in an offer or is putting in an offer.”
    He added: “We’re trying to get something done as soon as possible, because it’s just a situation that you need to get resolved as quickly as you can, because I want to be staying in Kansas City if I’m going to stay.
    If they’re going to sell me to a different team, I want to know that as soon as possible so I can just know that and prepare for that.”

  • wasignton124

    Allegri Ingin Datangkan Lavezzi dan Jovetic

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Baru saja ditunjuk menangani Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri disebut sudah punya gambaran bakal seperti apa timnya kelak, termasuk siapa pemain yang ia inginkan.

    Dua nama striker masuk urutan teratas daftar pemain yang diminta eks pelatih AC Milan itu setelah ia resmi diangkat menggantikan Antonio Conte.

    Kedua nama itu adalah penyerang Paris Saint-Germain, Ezequiel Lavezzi dan striker Manchester City, Stevan Jovetic. Allegri diyakini sangat mengagumi keduanya, bahkan ia pernah coba mendekati mereka semasa masih membesut Rossoneri.

    Namun tentu merayu klub kaya macam PSG dan City melepas keduanya bukan perkara mudah, bahkan meski Lavezzi dan Jovetic selalu diterpa rumor spekulasi hengkang sepanjang musim kemarin.

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    Allegri Dapat Tantangan Dari Juventini

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Belum lagi bekerja sebagai pelatih Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri sudah mendapat tantangan berat dengan penolakan luas dari para fans.

    Keputusan Antonio Conte yang mundur secara mengejutkan awal pekan ini memberi pukulan telak untuk sang kampiun Serie A. Dan dengan musim kompetisi kian dekat, manajemen Bianconeri pun dipaksa bergerak cepat mencari penggantinya, pilihan pun jatuh pada Allegri.

    Riwayat sebagai pelatih klub rival, AC Milan, apalagi Allegri juga sempat menggaungkan perseteruan dengan Conte di masa lalu, dipandang sebagian besar Juventini sebagai hal yang tak bisa diterima.

    Selain itu, prestasi Allegri di San Siro pun tak mentereng, dibuktikan dengan pemecatannya tengah musim lalu, sehingga aroma pesimisme pun menggelayut di kalangan fans terkait kemampuannya menggantikan sosok Conte.

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