Daily Archives: 26 October, 2012

Turning SEO Link Building into SEO Audience Targeting with Twitter profiling

Admit it. You’ve sat in a meeting with your SEO Agency and thought, “surely, this shouldn’t work”. Endless, near irrelevant “guest posts” at best, “article submission” and “directory link building” at the very worst.

For the past decade, “SEO” and “Marketing” have been allowed to remain almost entirely different disciplines.

With a few exceptions, the vast majority of the SEO industry has been allowed to stumble along without a second thought to who they are targeting, where those people might be, and how best to reach them. Read More »

Facebook: Brands get five times more reach with paid media

Another day, and another look at the real effectiveness of social media. Today ComScore and Facebook have their turn at answering these questions in research that makes that case for what paid media can deliver over earned media.

It is an effort after all of the controversy from the likes of  General Motors, and other brands who are shying away from paying for advertising instead to focus on content, to focus the debate on earned media.

But as marketers ask themselves the question if earned media alone is enough the answer, backed by research, is that Facebook ads can not only deliver, but that they can deliver a lot more.

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Twitter signs up more than 2,000 partners for expanded Tweets

Twitter has given an update on how its expanded Tweet programme is going, which it introduced with a few media partners back in July. 

The expanded tweets was a play by Twitter to both make Tweets more valuable, with content previews, photos and videos right within a Tweet, and the platform more sticky.

It follows the news earlier this week that Twitter is testing a new “like” button with a small group of users and testing a new “star” feature with others.

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The redesign of StumbleUpon: the impact for advertisers and consumers

With StumbleUpon launching its re-vamped sharing portal this week, the conversation around sharing and content discovery is reignited. The portal is now more closely aligned in look and connectivity with other properties like Pinterest and showcases features that ensure the interests of the users’ community are pooled with friends.

Collective connectivity and the idea of multi-share content is appealing to all content producers but what makes users want to share / like / comment and why has StumbleUpon taken this step now?

Firstly, there is a great deal of debate within the social advertising community about what makes content shareable and how we enable producers to create content consumers want to discover and share. Read More »