Twitter looks to Facebook as it tests “like” button

Twitter tests like button on select usersIt looks like Twitter are taking a lead from Facebook and bringing in “Likes” instead of Favourites.

The Favourite button has become more and more prominent in Twitter with users using the feature to store tweets they don’t want to lose, normally things like stats and links, but don’t always want to retweet.

The favourites are normally public, making Twitter operate more like bookmarking tool Delicious  on the occasions. 

It looks like Twitter is testing the new “Like” idea with a small group of users while most of us continue to see “favourites”.

While some people are being tested on the Like button alternatively some people are seeing “star”, a term used by

I can see why Twitter want to change some of their language, as you may be Favouriting something that is not positive or actually your favourite.

However, this issue, if it really is one, is heightened by the “like” term. We often see Facebook users “liking” things as a way of showing support as opposed to genuine liking a posting.

Using that though has separated Twitter from rival Facebook, and so it seems odd that Twitter might change to uses similar phrases. It should be looking to keep itself distinct wherever it can and use its own language.

That may be why they are testing the aforementioned ‘star’, which also relates to the service’s imagery.

The Next Web says that Twitter has not confirmed that this is an official release of a new feature, which is odd given that a substantial number of users have seen it.