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Facebook should begin charging brands for their fans

GM facebook Page - would brands pay for Facebook fans?Interesting piece of comment on Ad Age here arguing that Facebook should forget traditional advertising efforts, as they are not working, and start to charge for what is working.

Namely, charge brands for the fans that they attract to their Facebook pages.

Facebook fans, of course, are free, but they be shouldn’t be the piece suggests. It would mean a fundamental change to how Facebook operates, but one that Facebook could make.

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Brazil’s top newspapers abandon Google News

O Globo is one of the Brazilian newspapers to have pulled its content from Google News The debate about Google and whether it is a friend or foe is unlikely to resolved anytime soon.

In the UK News International has only recently done a U-turn on its stance to stop articles from its quality national newspapers, The Times and The Sunday Times, featuring in Google’s search listings.

While most of the world media world lives with Google in relative state of frenemy not so in Brazil. Newspapers there have taken the radical step of pulling their content from Google News on en masse. Read more on Brazil’s top newspapers abandon Google News…

Obama is beating Romney in digital and social media battle

Obama's While the latest polls show Barack Obama and Mitt Romney running neck and neck, with neither side able to pull decisively away, the online battle looks like a different story entirely.

The Barack Obama campaign, with its strong track record online, appears to have pulled ahead both in terms of social media and online ad buying.  Whether any of that matters we will have to wait and see.

On the social front the Obama campaign saw the phrase “Romnesia” and its hashtag trend worldwide on Twitter within 48 hours of the President’s two Romnesia postings to describe Romney’s change in policy. Read more on Obama is beating Romney in digital and social media battle…

Why you should shun Facebook and Twitter for calmer technology

Calm technology is growing: seen on social product discovery sites such as Lyst and Discoveredd. Our increasingly visual culture has led us to become immune to the vast majority of visual signals present throughout our daily lives. For brands it is often difficult to make products or advertising stand out as there are just so many messages all vying for our attention.

In the digital world this problem can often be amplified. However, whilst the internet can still be visually overwhelming, it is the overload of information that can be more exhausting.

As a result, we are starting to see the rise of calm technology taking shape across the online world behaving as an antidote to the information frenzy.  Read more on Why you should shun Facebook and Twitter for calmer technology…