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In the dark art of Facebook it is still content that counts

Since Facebook announced changes to its Edgerank Algorithm last month, cries of plummeting Facebook Reach have sprung up across the industry, with some claiming their Reach figures have fallen by as much as 50%.

The dark art of Facebook’s Algorithm determines what type of content is shown in a user’s news feed. The recent change means this now puts more emphasis than ever on the volume of engagement each post receives – if fans aren’t engaging with your content, eventually they may stop seeing it altogether.

The change coincides with the launch of Promoted Posts, which allow brands to over-ride the Algorithm by paying for a post to appear in the news feed for longer, allowing more people to see it and increasing Reach as a result. Read More »

As many as 22% of companies have no social media strategy

22% of companies have no social media strategyIt may seems staggering that in the digital, social age companies feel they can communicate effectively without using social media, but that is the case according to the latest Grayling Pulse survey.

It found that a staggering 22% of the companies that responded did not have a social media strategy.

Perhaps more worrying is that of the companies that did have a social media strategy just 39% of them say that it is integrated into their wider approach to communications.

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Faking Felix Baumgartner a great Twitter lesson in checking the facts

A really good Slideshare here from Ultra Social UK founder @suellewellyn on why it pays to check who exactly it is you’re retweeting when a major news story breaks.

There is a growing possibility that it is not who you think as spammers and parody accounts take to social media in increasingly large numbers.

As Felix Baumgartner skydived from the edge of space in his record breaking stunt on Sunday, social media lit up with him. Read More »