Mail and Telegraph get most online shares through Pinterest, Guardian has most followers

The Telegraph on Pinterest for its Fashion pagesThe Daily Mail and Telegraph websites are the early winners in the race to get people sharing their content on Pinterest while the Guardian has attracted the most followers to its official Pinterest page.

Links to web pages from the were found to have been shared or ‘pinned’ by Pinterest users most (1,963,999), with the attracting 429,137 shares to come second.

The, however, takes third place with a total of 329,720 pins, according to a study of 13 UK national newspaper sites by search and social analytics company, Searchmetrics.

Data shows that also generates the most average Pins per week (163,574 ) followed by (42,476 ) and (32,174 ).

The most pinned page identified in the study of the newspaper sites was a feature on how to make a baby’s swaddle blanket (53,638 pins) from

Second and Third place are taken by with an article and photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge in a teal dress gown at the London Olympic Gala concert (52,813pins) and a feature on how to get thin thighs in 30 days (45,811pins).

Eight out of the 13 leading national newspaper sites included in the study were found to have at least one official Pinterest page to which they are pinning their own content although, of course, it is not necessary for a business or newspaper site to have an official Pinterest page to enable other users to share their content on the site.

Some of the newspaper sites had several Pinterest pages, including those from individual journalists and sections of the paper.  The main Pinterest presence identified for the Telegraph by the study was from the Telegraph Sport section (with content around the Olympics) with a separate Pinterest page for Telegraph Fashion.

The main page identified for the Mirror was the 3am celebrity news, style and gossip section, while a page was found for The Times Sport, but no pins had yet been posted.

Common topics for Pinterest boards on the newspapers’ sites were Front Pages (showcasing images of the front page of the print paper with a link to the online content), Recipes and pages from the Style and Fashion sections.

Pinterest activity of UK national newspaper web sites (data collated week ending 12 October 2012)  

Newspaper site Pinterest page       Followers Total pins Average Pins per week 
1) 322 1,963,999 163,574
2) 1,502 429,137 42,476
3) 2258 329,720 32,174
4) Not found n/a 62,908 5,659
5) 114 28,027 2,198
6) 829 16,588 1,668
7) 18 2,204 286
8) 309 1,288 115
9) Not found n/a 632 46
10) Not found n/a 313 38
11) 36 214 25
12) Not found n/a 55 4
13) Not found n/a 4 1


Most Pinned pages on UK national newspaper web sites

1. How to make a swaddle blanket  (53,638 pins)

2. Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge stunning teal dress (52,813 pins)

3. How to get thin thighs in 30 days (45,811pins)

Marcus Tober, founder and CTO of Searchmetrics says Pinterest has the power to put publishers’ content in front of new people and drive traffic back to their sites.

“While it’s relatively new, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites – increasing its share of all visits to social sites in the UK by 1489 per cent since last year¹. The site has over 10 million registered users² and in the USA high profile news sites such as the Wall Street Journal and Time are among those that are successfully using it. Our research has identified some of the early winners in the UK.”

The pins (or shares) of web page URLs analysed in Searchmetrics’ study are those pins that users of Pinterest share on their own Pinterest boards. They are not the same as – and do not rely on – the pins being shared by the newspaper sites themselves on their own Pinterest boards (if they have them).