Bodyform fights sarcasm with sarcasm: ‘Hi Richard. We loved your post on our Facebook page’

body form fights sarcasm with sarcasm on FacebookRather than endure the recent  social media backlash of fellow feminine hygiene brand FemFresh, Bodyform has chosen to fight sarcastic Facebook comments made about its advertising with more sarcasm, issuing a wonderfully irreverent retaliation video on YouTube.

Earlier this month, a fellow called Richard Neill decided to poke fun at Bodyform’s advertising, saying that he feels jealous of women during their periods who seem to have a “wonderful time of the month” if the ads are to be believed.

This is what he posted on Facebook:

“Hi , as a man I must ask why you have lied to us for all these years . As a child I watched your advertisements with interest as to how at this wonderful time of the month that the female gets to enjoy so many things ,I felt a little jealous. I mean bike riding , rollercoasters, dancing, parachuting, why couldn’t I get to enjoy this time of joy and ‘blue water’ and wings !! Dam my penis!! Then I got a girlfriend, was so happy and couldn’t wait for this joyous adventurous time of the month to happen … lied !! There was no joy , no extreme sports , no blue water spilling over wings and no rocking soundtrack oh no no no. Instead I had to fight against every male urge I had to resist screaming wooaaahhhhh bodddyyyyyyfooorrrmmm bodyformed for youuuuuuu as my lady changed from the loving , gentle, normal skin coloured lady to the little girl from the exorcist with added venom and extra 360 degree head spin. Thanks for setting me up for a fall bodyform , you crafty bugger”

In just a week his post has attracted over 85,558 likes with social networkers revelling in his “hilarious”, “clever”, “genius”, comments, with one commentator suggesting he even go into advertising.

Well Bodyform and its ad agency Carat, have decided to tackle the issue head on and have issued an irreverent YouTube video, from its fictitious CEO “Caroline Williams” addressed to Mr Neill.

The video, created by Rubber Republic,  oozes polite sarcasm, and like Neill’s comments, aims to poke fun at gender stereotypes, in a light-hearted, but pointed, touché.

Bodyform links to Neill’s comment at the end of the video and also took to the social network to inform him of the video, prompting him to reply:

“That is genius, well played ladies well played

This is a great example of social media marketing, rapidly responding directly to public criticism, in such a way will most likely create a positive response for the brand and will no doubt become a viral hit, for all the right reasons.

Same can’t be said for FemFresh, which earlier this year attracted pointed criticism on its Facebook page about its advertising, which failed to use the word ‘vagina’ and came across as patronising. Instead of addressing the problem head on, it temporarily pulled its Facebook Page.