Daily Archives: 17 October, 2012

Condé Nast expects digital to generate 30% of total revenue in 2014

Luxury brands are arriving fashionably late to the digital ecosystem, and high-end publisher Condé Nast hopes they will propel digital spend to 30% of total revenues within the next 18 months, says digital leader Jamie Jouning.

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Divorce comes to SEO

Last night Google launched a new tool and stressed that only experts should use it. The link disavow tool allows webmasters and brands to divorce themselves from pesky low quality inbound links that will not simply go away.

There is likely to be caution but general approval over the tool. The search engine has gotten better and stricter about noticing and policing attempts to manipulate inbound links.

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Mail and Telegraph get most online shares through Pinterest, Guardian has most followers

The Telegraph on Pinterest for its Fashion pagesThe Daily Mail and Telegraph websites are the early winners in the race to get people sharing their content on Pinterest while the Guardian has attracted the most followers to its official Pinterest page.

Links to web pages from the Dailymail.co.uk were found to have been shared or ‘pinned’ by Pinterest users most (1,963,999), with the Telegraph.co.uk attracting 429,137 shares to come second.

The Guardian.co.uk, however, takes third place with a total of 329,720 pins, according to a study of 13 UK national newspaper sites by search and social analytics company, Searchmetrics. Read More »

Bodyform fights sarcasm with sarcasm: ‘Hi Richard. We loved your post on our Facebook page’

body form fights sarcasm with sarcasm on FacebookRather than endure the recent  social media backlash of fellow feminine hygiene brand FemFresh, Bodyform has chosen to fight sarcastic Facebook comments made about its advertising with more sarcasm, issuing a wonderfully irreverent retaliation video on YouTube.


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