A disability access guide? There’s an app for that!

Fiona Jarvis, Founder of Blue Badge Style

Picture yourself in this situation – you are wheelchair bound and want to go out to a restaurant in London.

Did you know that 300,000 people in the city face situations like this everyday? If you are mobility challenged, you’ll need to phone ahead and check on whether, or not, the restaurant you have in mind can accommodate you.

Step in Blue Badge Style to the picture, and you’ve now got a website and app that can tell you what restaurants in London are the best for disability access, as well as hotels, pubs, shops and more.

Blue Badge Style (a client I’m working with on behalf of PR Savvy) recently launched a website and app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, that aims to be a ‘Michelin-like’ guide to stylish venues. Available first in London, it is now expanding across the UK and into Europe.

Blue Badge Style offers reviews, and its own tick rating system that grades a venue on how it fares for disability access. Venues are evaluated on style, accessibility and facilities. Founder Fiona Jarvis wants to create a community of like-minded people for whom style and disability are not mutually exclusive, and invites them to rate their favourite restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, theatres and other venues for Blue Badge Style.

“Becoming increasingly disabled over the last 20 years doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my sense of style, but I do want to know what to expect before I arrive at a venue. The Blue Badge Style app means that anyone less able and equally importantly, their friends, don’t have to be surprised or embarrassed by a lack of accessibility or facilities at a cool venue,” said Jarvis.

Already featured by The Next Web and named as a top app for iPhone, iPad and Android by The Guardian, Blue Badge Style is generating interest and capturing share of what is estimated to be a market with £80 billion spend power.

Upcoming 14th November, will be the Blue Badge Style launch party. Want to come and celebrate? For more details and to RSVP , please email me at: lisa DOT devaney AT prsavvy DOT co DOT uk