Twitter nation: exhaustive survey finds who uses Twitter, when, and how

Beevolve has conducted a rather exhaustive survey of Twitter usage, digging into who uses Twitter and they have sifted through “every minute detail” to generate statistics ranging from bio, tweets, account types, categories to even the background color preference of Twitter users.

They found that on average a million users have tweeted over a billion times, although 25% of Twitter users have never sent a message.

Twitter has the highest usage in the United States, with 50.99% of the service’s users based there and the UK is in second place, with 17.09% of the user base.

After the the UK there is a big gap between second place and third place in the Top Ten Twitter Nations.  Surprisingly, Australia come third but with just 4.09% followed by Brazil (3.44%) and in fifth comes Canada with 2.92%. That makes the top five, save for Brazil, dominated by the English speaking world.

It also points to how much cross-Atlantic culture dominates the conversation on Twitter, and clearly why topics such as UK and US politics and news events feature so extensively in trending topics.

The Top Ten Twitter Nations are rounded out mostly by countries beginning with the letter i: India, France (just 1.76%), Indonesia, Iran and Ireland.

None of the countries associated with the Arab spring feature in top 10 of most users, and Iran only has 0.88% of total users.

This indicates two things. Firstly, that Facebook may be a better tool for organising protest in those countries, and secondly that Twitter is very effective by those who actually use it for communicating with the Western world.

The Twitter nations: The US is biggest nation on Twitter followed by the UK

As far as the fast growing BRIC countries are concerned, China doesn’t feature as they have their own censored version of Twitter, and  Russia has similar issues. Only Brazil and India then are really part of Twitter, and they have 3.44% and 2.87% of the user base respectively.

In terms of demographics, women outnumber men on Twitter. On the 66% of accounts in which gender can be determined, 53% of these were women. Those women were more likely to have protected accounts, reference their family in their profile, and choose a lighter theme (purple being the preferred colour). Women also tweet more regular, sending on average 610 tweets compared to 567 from men.

Additionally, over 80% of Twitter users are 35 or under. Although this is probably close to the truth, the data is quite heavily skewed as the algorithim checks what age related data is available, and younger users are happier sharing such information.

Despite the fact that there are more Android devices on the market than iPhones, there are over twice as many iOS users of Twitter than Android users. The vast majority (77.3%) of users use official Twitter apps, something the company is clamping down on, and 32% still use the website, a number Twitter is desperate to maintain to bring in ad revenue.

You can read the full Beevolve survey here.