Daily Archives: 12 October, 2012

Facebook’s algorithm changes make engagement all the more important

Facebook recently released an update to its algorithm aimed at strengthening the importance of user engagement with pages.

The shift will mean that Facebook’s algorithm – known as Edgerank – will put greater emphasis on the proportion of users who respond to page posts, whether through likes, comments, shares or other interactions.

The output of this algorithm is what determines how likely any post, or piece of content is to appear in a user’s newsfeed. More than a quarter of all time spent on Facebook is on the Newsfeed, so getting visibility here is key forbrands to make their voice stand out against the background hubbub of Facebook. Read More »

Toilet Technology: Two thirds take gadgets to the bathroom [infographic]

Tablet on the toilet: Two thirds of bathroom-breaks are now being accompanied by technology, Next time a colleague passes you a tablet to look at keep this in research in mind. Two thirds of bathroom-breaks are now being accompanied by technology after a study of 2,000 adults revealed that over a third take their phone with them to the toilet, playing games, texting friends or pinging e-mails to co-workers.

Tablets are no different. As many as one in eight of all those surveyed have a tablet to hand when using the bathroom – probably how 10% keep up with sports (watching or listening live) and 4% regularly watch films each time they grace the porcelain throne.

And while 16% are happy just playing games on their phone, 1 in 20 need the full gaming experience and will take a handheld device (3DS or PSP) along with them. Read More »

Twitter nation: exhaustive survey finds who uses Twitter, when, and how

Beevolve has conducted a rather exhaustive survey of Twitter usage, digging into who uses Twitter and they have sifted through “every minute detail” to generate statistics ranging from bio, tweets, account types, categories to even the background color preference of Twitter users.

They found that on average a million users have tweeted over a billion times, although 25% of Twitter users have never sent a message.

Twitter has the highest usage in the United States, with 50.99% of the service’s users based there and the UK is in second place, with 17.09% of the user base. Read More »

How five of the top FTSE 250 ecommerce sites can improve online sales

Imagine the scenario: you’re a retailer and your latest marketing campaign to promote a new product drives thousands of people into your stores.  But when the customers arrive they cannot find the products on shelves, so most people leave empty-handed.

The analogy is just as true online as it is on the High Street – an optimised website that appears high in search engine rankings is of little use if, when the thousands  of online customer visit the site, they cannot find the product they want.

The solution is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): realising the importance of usability, and how the journey the user takes from landing on the site, is vital to whether a customer makes a purchase or not. Read More »

Why you need to find your brand’s social-media voice

Brands need to be prepared to take a risk when it comes to social media Brands can have difficulty finding their ‘voice’ in social media, but when they get it right, the resulting level of consumer engagement and appreciation makes the effort worthwhile.

For me, one of the most interesting questions in social media is: what does your social voice sound like?

I am talking about the tone of voice a brand adopts in social media and the things it says as it engages with the wider world. Read More »