02 shows how you do great customer service on Twitter (street style)

A brilliant piece of Twitter customer service from 02 here. It is a brand that has shown how to be consistently good no matter the circumstances or the type of language used when it comes to social media.

This particular conversation started being shared last night and has gone viral. It details how O2 responded to a customer who had an issue about his router and only seems to speak Twitter in Jamaican patois.

How do you respond when sitting in customer service? Apparently you get out your English-lexified creole language with West African influences dictionary and you reply straight back. Take a look.

I think we can add this to another recent Twitter encounter, which was dubbed “Possibly the greatest conversation on Twitter ever”, between coffee brand   and the .

O2 walks a fine line here, but I think it gets away with it. The conversation shows a sense of humour and joining in rather than taking the piss. I think it is up there with Sainsbury’s Hulk Hogan tweet, which is another classic.

 @Tunde24_7’s original tweet to O2 has now been shared 775 times, but O2’s reply has now been shared or favourited more than 3,000 times. Good win for O2.

No wonder that Twitter’s @BruceDaisley “Tweeted Is there any doubt that O2 win at doing the internet? pic.twitter.com/dptNRHs4

The timing is perfect as yesterday at Brand Republic’s Virtual Summit O2 were one of the speakers. It has one a lot of praise for its customer service work in social media and this was illustrated very well yesterday in this slide shared by Ian Spoors:

“How 02 dealt with a social media crisis, maybe the best PP slide ever:”