Daily Archives: 11 October, 2012

Will 4G be the next gear-change for The Guardian?

Is 4G where the future lies for The GuardianI attended the Guardian Media Network’s Future of Digital Media event this week to hear the views of three Guardian thought-leaders – Andrew Miller, CEO, Dan Sabbagh, Head of Media and Technology and Anthony Sullivan, Group Product Manager.

The context was the now and future strategy of The Guardian to transition during this digitally dynamic time.

Andrew Miller described the audience strategy which has been put in place as to grow, deepen and retain Guardian consumers during a time when digital consumption is growing rapidly and exciting but print still accounts for 70% of revenues. Read More »

British Party conference season breaks Twitter records with one million tweets

Now on Twitter @david_cameron and his Sam Cam momentParty political conference season has dominated UK Twitter over the last few weeks.

Followers have keenly Tweeted key quotes and messages while following the conference debates on television, while delegates shared comments and pictures from the fringe events and speeches that they attended.

It all prompted Twitter to share some of the data they had accrued over the conference season, which overall Twitter says racked up more than a million mentions. Read More »

02 shows how you do great customer service on Twitter (street style)

A brilliant piece of Twitter customer service from 02 here. It is a brand that has shown how to be consistently good no matter the circumstances or the type of language used when it comes to social media.

This particular conversation started being shared last night and has gone viral. It details how O2 responded to a customer who had an issue about his router and only seems to speak Twitter in Jamaican patois.

How do you respond when sitting in customer service? Apparently you get out your English-lexified creole language with West African influences dictionary and you reply straight back. Take a look. Read More »

Twitter launches new BlackBerry app, updates TweetDeck and acquires video start-up

Twitter launches new Blackberry app and buys video start-up VineSometimes owning a Blackberry can make you feel like a second class smartphone citizen. While the rest of the world (okay, Android and Apple) whiz along with their new apps there is not a great deal happening in the Blackberry App store.

One bright spot is that the social apps for Blackberry in Facebook and Twitter have always been good and now they are getting better. Not just improvements on the mobile front  there is a new version of TweetDeck too.

At the same time it is being reported that Twitter has acquired video-sharing start-up Vine. Read More »