Obama dominates on Twitter and leads Romney in viral battle [infographic]

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off, but who is winning the social media battle?The race for the White House is in full swing, but which candidates’ video ads and tweets are attracting the most attention across social media?

We’ve two infographics here. The first has been put together by Unruly Media tracking the number of shares each candidate’s video content receives across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere.

The second takes a look at Twitter following the first presidential debate that showed among many other things that celebrity tweeters, like Rob Lowe, have real pulling power, but does that count in the final analysis?

In the Unruly infographic the numbers represent all sharing behavior for videos released by the official Obama and Romney campaigns, as well as the 12 Super-PACs that are most active in this year’s election. It also shows the most shared videos over the last seven days for both parties.

As Election Day draws closer and the race gets hotter, the history of recent U.S. elections suggests that the campaigns and Super-PACs will release lots more new video content at a rapidly increasing pace…so the numbers you see here are likely to change many times between now and Election Day on November 6.

This infographic, using exclusive data from Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, will update regularly until Election Day.

This one, from Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Ignite Social, tracks conversation from the Presidential debate last week and gives you a good look at what was happening on Twitter on the night that Barack Obama clashed in their first debate.

The night was seen as a victory for Romney and broke records on Twitter for the volume of tweets, but was that borne out?

What was certainly true was that the economy dominated conversation followed by healthcare.

Also interesting to see that on the night of the news networks covering the debates it was @cnnbrk that racked up the most retweets by a long way.

President Barack Obama is the chief of tweets